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New Spotlight clone

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Yes it is!!!

it's faster and more effienent, XML is AWESOME!!!

Also, when is says Show All at the top, it now says Show All (5), showing the total ammount of results returned, thanks to how simple xml is to examine. I gotta learn more about xml because I am getting all kinds of great ideas

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nice! works loads better!

also, the show all button shows windows explorer... possibly a hint that you're doing the full results bit ;)

if you have any Qs, I used to do loads of work in VB6, and more recently in C# (.Net)

Edit Bug: My emails show up as applications :P

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First I just want to thank the developer for doing so much work on this project. It's a nice app with loads of potential.

Secondly, the image(s) used for the spotlight button aren't really right (at least for me, I'm using KoL's Tiger msstyle). The blue spotlight circle is bigger than it should be, or at least bigger than the static circle on my taskbar. Also the placement isn't right for me. Anyhow, I took the liberty of knocking up a quick set based on a screen capture.


Since it's based on a screencap of my screen, the size and placement are perfect and make the app so much better. I'm a stickler for pixel perfection. Anyhow I figured the images might be of use to someone else.

Thanks again for all your work, I'm loving this app. If I was any good with Visual Basic I would offer to help out, maybe clean up the settings dialogue :-)

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you do know that you can move the menubutton wherever you want, so the placement should always be correct

News: Started working on the show all window, so far it's coming nicely. It's actually easier to make than the first part of the program. I might have the next one out with the show all dialog sometime this week

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I find that sometimes (randomly) spotlight doesn't search when I press a key. Also, thumbnails on images seem to be a random occurance.

It would also be nice if emails opened, and truncated filenames showed up with the familiar "..." at the end of their names, maybe with a tooltip to show the full file name and some details about it.

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