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Is there some filter that SpotLight uses to determine whether or not it will display results? For example, I search for my name: Zach. Google Desktop Search gives me upwards of 200 results (77 emails, 83 files, 62 web history, 11 chats) ... but SpotLight gives me absolutely no results whatsoever. However, SpotLight *does* work. A search for "analog" (without quotes) yields reults (albeit two results --- and the "top result" is not displayed under any normal category heading). A GDS search for analog gives me 9 files, 15 web histories.

Any ideas?


Max 5 resultscategory

Both button and menu fully NON-transparent and fully upper-right corner (not on top of eachother, the menu is slightly lower, as it should be).

[x] Close menu when I click off

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just keeps getting better.

i have noticed though that sometimes it won't perform a search- i.e. say I search for "emma" in the regular dialogue, it doesn't search. then out of curiousity, when i'm in the show all dialogue, i do the same search and get results.

Also, now this build will no longer launch pictures for me. This worked fine under build 9. Instead i get a runtime error:



Good work, though. My #1 feature request - add option to make this NOT always-on-top. The spotlight image stays on top of EVERYTHING including tooltips and my SCREEN SAVER even. Minor annoyance though.

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i am working on the always on top thing, it is designed like that so it stays above youw windows taskbar or objectbar (so you can click it). I am drumming up code that will only call it to the top when your mouse moves over it. Also that error: IMAGEVIEW_FULLSCREEN is due to the windows picture and fax viewer. i'm guessing you have the picture and fax viewer set as the default for image files? If you do, change it to your favorite program buy clicking on Tools/Folder options in explorer. For some reason, windows does not like third party programs running the picture and fax viewer. Who knows, it's Microsoft

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Yes there is a filter, it is an extension filter. For Instance Applications is limited to exe and msi extensions. If you want you can add to these by opening your registry editor:

Open regedit

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareSpotlight

You will see entries for Applications, Audio, Videos, Images, etc

the extensions are delimited by the | symbol

simply edit the value and add/subtract as many as you like, be sure that there is a | at the end and beginning of the string

after editing, exit and restart spotlight and the changes will take effect. You will be able to change these values alot easier in future releases

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ok, i installed google desktop with latest build 10 of spotlight clone

i hv finished the installation without any error prompt or file in use prompt

after that, i run the program and it start, but i don't get a pref. windows

if i double click the spotlight search bar, it came a error and told me comdlg32.ocx is not correctly registerd

and the program will terminate

my system is win xp sp2 with .net framework, is it relate?

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yea, that means that there are too many results. It would be nice to have a timeout.

Also, the show all menu, while looking nice, doesn't work at all. The filters are wrong, the scrollbar's working is random, and when you can scroll, the results are up twice, it'd be nice to have an option for thumbnails showing, windows picture/fax viewer, while happy with Build 9, fails in Build 10, and it would be nice if the show all menu stayed up when you launch results.

I'm just listing bugs I've found, I'm not complaining. This is still the app that makes my day :) good work.

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I ripped the whole program apart, i'm kindof starting over on alot of the program. I complelety redid the show all dialog, it works way better. Mainly the results get updated way smoother. I completely deleted all of the code for the menu so I could redesign it. because I couldn't figure out why the menu wasn't showing results that the show all dialog was.

I should have something today or tomorrow

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I've only been using your *WONDERFUL* spotlight app for a few days now (build 9).

considering you're expecting to release a greatly improved version (my interpretation), i think i will hold off on build 10 for now.

i cannot express in words how great this little app is, and im glad that someone stood up and addressed this challenge. you've done an awesome job so far and i can hardly wait to see whats in store.

the only troubles i've had with this app are mostly the same that others have mentioned... doubled results in Show All, sometimes no results but re-searchings yields results, the absolutely always on topness...

i didnt' notice anyone mentioning that sometimes the button jumps to where it would be on a smaller resolution monitor (im 1280x1024)... it moves down and to the left. i suspect that this is caused by a 'Limit-the-size-of-maximized-windows' work-around i use called DestopCoral (basically invisible toolbars on every side). it rarely happens.

second, it would be nice to be able to get BACK into the config screen... i mean, its no prob to just open regedit and edit them manually... just a little suggestion.... and its mostly just a means for correcting the jumping button problem i have (otherwise, i'd never need to get back to it to edit the position)... or, hey, maybe a SHIFT-DRAG to position it?? just thought of that.

anyway, ++appreciation. aj

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Build #11 is on the front page, many improvements made. You can now access the preferences dialog by opening the right click menu from the menu button. The button will no longer sit above full screen video or screensavers, but it will stay on top of your windows taskbar or objectbar so you can always access it. The searches are smoother and faster and the show all dialog looks a little more closer to the real thing

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