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New Spotlight clone

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Want to use TomLapp420's Spotlight, but you use Steve Grenier's Mac OS X skin for WindowBlinds (there is no Spotlight icon in the system tray) ?

Well, here's a tip. Use the "Customize Format" feature of TClock and add 10 blank spaces to the end... that moves everything over so there's a perfect amout of space for TomLapp420's Spotlight.

...or you simply download Danimators Tiger Skin (which matches perfect) and use it as "per application setting" in windowblinds ;)

Okay, I am excited to try this. Downloaded google desktop search, spotlight build 12.

Copy/pasted the URL in the preferences thingy, but whatever I type in that box, I get nothing , while using Google Desktop Search gives me results.

Anything I'm doing wrong?

Are you shure that you exactly copied the part of the google-key whicht Spotlight needs?

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Build #13 is on the front page

Changes include a nicer preferences dialog, also the initial setup is alot easier to understand and do.

Fixed the problem with mail messages showing up in all groups, they now have their own group but they don't open right now (i'm working on it)

Fixed the bug displaying the wrong number of total results in the Show All () menu item

Found some more potential runtime errors and fixed them

The next step for the program will most likely be a preferences dialog that mimics the spotlight one, allowing you to add/delete file groups and change the order in which they are displayed.

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for the preferences dialog, how about making the position adjusting button toggle the sliders, rather than just opening them?

Also, in "show all" mode, no files open, and if mail messages are present in the results, it will open your C: drive in windows explorer.

Also, there's still no option for thumbnails in the show all dialog, which would imitate spotlight better. The spotlight show all dlg also, instead of providing scrollbars on every section, shows you the first five and if you want can expand the section, but the scrollbar is a scrollbar for all results, not per-section.

oh, and tom, if you're having difficulties, email/msn me at razielim@gmail.com, and i'll be help you out... i used to do LOADS of work in VB6.

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The spotlight show all dlg also, instead of providing scrollbars on every section, shows you the first five and if you want can expand the section, but the scrollbar is a scrollbar for all results, not per-section.

so, if I click on the entry to expand the results of a section, does that section take over the whole window hiding the other groups?

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Just insatalled build 13 I have 351 mp3 right now spotlight only shows 10 is there someplace I missed for setting the amount of files returned? Sorry found it max of 15. Also I have an external HD GDS I dont think finds that or will it after indexing is finished?Sorry a little searching and I answered my own questions.

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Build #14 is on the front page

I added the ability for users to edit the file type extensions for the groups. you will find a button in the preferences window, it is very important that the extensions are separated by a | symbol. There must also be a | symbol at the beginning and end. The reason why office files weren't showing up is because for some stupid reason I didn't put in .doc files. Simply open that dialog and add |doc| to the list and click apply.

The menu entries under the spotlight search menu now truncate automatically like this

01 A Long Winter - Razel Got Her W...

instead of getting cut off

I also fixed some more code pertaining to opening files, there shouldnt be any more problems except with mail messages, they don't currently open

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basically on the show all menu, all the categories are there as a coninuous list. The scrollbar on the side is independant of each category. The categories are like sort of coloured elements of the list, with the on-click ability to show/hide list entries. Its not that you click the header and a scrollbar comes for that category (since a scrollbar is used to compress lots of results into a small space). Its like on this board, say clicking those blue headers saying "xx minutes ago" allowed you to hide/show the message below them. Now, imagine each message as being a collection of search results. Now you have the idea :)

Its a hard thing to explain in words.

EDIT: The file type modifying is great, but how bout the option to add our own seperators? that would go with adding our own icons for them.

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the show all dlg still closes when opening files... that's pretty annoying. Also, thumbnails should be enabled (per option) in show all/desktop menu (per option). Gives a more realstic feel and is better. Example, I search "tree" and get 158 pictures, all labelled fairly ambiguously. OK, if this slows the desktop mode, I don't really care, cause the idea behind that is really for instant search, but in full mode, i should have the option of seeing what i'm dealing with by "tree056_13.png"

EDIT: comdlg32.dll is part of the VB6 runtime. A quick google search should direct you to Microsoft's dl site (though i thought it was included in xp...)

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