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New Spotlight clone

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nice job with installshield.

The thumbnails in spotlight are like the explorer view. Its not a list with big thumbnails, but it goes horizontally as well. If we had the blue headers expanding groups one big scrollbar instead of small per-category ones, we'd be getting further to 1:1 emulation.

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Thought I'd just point everyone to a useful tool for GDS:

TweakGDS: http://www.podsync.com/tweakgds.htm

TweakGDS allows you to change advanced, undocumented settings for Google Desktop Search, without having to dig around in the system registry yourself.

You can:

* Move your GDS index

* Change the drives that GDS indexes, including mapped network drives and attached (USB/Firewire) drives - even your iPod!

* Force a manual re-indexing of your drives at any time

* Schedule automatic re-indexing with Windows Task Scheduler and TweakGDS

I needed this after I deleted about 100GB of duplicate and junk files and found my search results useless. Hope it helps everyone else!

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i did everything as u said, go to preferences, copy the address from GDS and so on.

the nice throbber, cancel button are appear but when i want to do a search and type something (example an a), it said no results found.

i'm stuck here. Is there something i could do, or install some application that required for this program to work?

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guess what everybody, I know this is off topic but I just figured out how to make a random wallpaper changer that transitions like osx. I just tested a quick throw together on my computer and it's awesome, it's just a little high on cpu usage when the transitioning is going on. When I get .net, I am going to rewrite it under that (since .net has way better transparency handling) and of course i'm going to import and recode spotlight in .net. It will be better because i noticed that the vb6 controls don't support as many image types as .net.

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I will be adding that capability soon. Right now I am working on making the show all dialog 1:1. I have had a very hard time doing it, I found a control on the net that gives you scrollable frames (that I could use for the categories, making them all scroll together), but the scrollbar is not skin aware (which is not acceptable). So I am in the process of designing my own aqua scrollbar control to accompany it, so far it looks really great, I just have to add the scrollable frame part.. I am eventually going to move this to .net but I have to wait until I can afford it, I had it before but when I dug the disks up they were both broken. Maybe if I show Microsoft that I have a software license they would send me new ones for a small fee (probably not)

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