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New Spotlight clone

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if you create a new instance of the control, you CAN just edit its properties to add skinning support. In fact, if it is derived from a standard windows scrollbar control (and not entirelly custom built, which would also make little sense), you can simply add


to make everything integrated with the Windows skinning engine (giving an aqua-look for those with os x themes, and other looks for other themes).

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guess what everybody, I know this is off topic but I just figured out how to make a random wallpaper changer that transitions like osx. I just tested a quick throw together on my computer and it's awesome, it's just a little high on cpu usage when the transitioning is going on. When I get .net, I am going to rewrite it under that (since .net has way better transparency handling) and of course i'm going to import and recode spotlight in .net. It will be better because i noticed that the vb6 controls don't support as many image types as .net.

yay :D I want this app :D

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All I want to say is thanks for this wonderful application. I am an audio engineer, and this makes searching for the right sample and audio edit out of thousands of them quick and easy. It looks damn good while it does it also! Incredible work on this prog, it worked for me first try after install. I installed Build 18 and had no issues whatsoever with the program. Thanks for this great work you did. dig it.

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I just downloaded this and started to play with it, I must say this is one of the best apps made to clone an osx feature in a long time. Keep up the good work man. One question though, at one point will it be possible to change the image of the searchbar itself? I guess in the Program Files/Spotlight folder there could be some bar.bmp that you can change so it will go with your theme...

Just a suggestion. I love this man, keep up the good work. :)

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TomLapp420, I hope you have considered/connected with Saladin as I have followed this thread from the beginning and S. has not been shy in expressing interest and examples in helping with this project

if you need any help or want to work together, my speciality is .net

Both of you seem really talented and I'm sure I speak for many here when I say I would be thrilled to see a teamed effort to deliver an amazing app incorporating both of your talents and generous gift of development time to this community. Good luck!

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ok guys, I'm thinking of making my own spotlight clone. Made in about 2 hours in C#, my version is extremely efficient and provides unimaginably fast search results.I can't believe how fast it goes! Its built with the framework version 2 BETA, and all it needs is the UI. I've overcome the problem of the tray button as well.

The UI will probably slow it down, but i'll also ship a no-frills version which cuts all the fancy stuff to just give you instant searching. I'd put a pic up, but the dev-UI it has is so bad i think people would just laugh :P

I'll release SOMETHING this week, wether its an instant searching hunchback or a 1:1 spotlight...

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