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New Spotlight clone

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This copy has very limited funtionality, it does the search, but when you click on a result sometimes it doesn't load for certain files. Other than that, when you first run it you will see the options dialog appear, you have to then follow the instructions and program in your google desktop security code, then you can use the slider controls and set the exact screen location you would like spotlight to appear. The program consists of only one file, you can place this file anywhere you like on your computer.

Also the show all function does not work yet, but that is coming soon, I just wanted to make sure the basics would run on other systems before making it too big.

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whoa great work ! Many thanks !

Even if it dont work... The searchs bring no results at all.

Indeed, I have a french version of Google Desktop.

So the adress for the result of the searchs end like this : ......&btnG="Recherche+sur+le+Bureau"

And not like : .......&btnG="Search+Desktop"

Stupid Google :D

I'm waiting forthe next nightly build

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it requires an ocx file which i found here.

but it doesn't work for me either.

EDIT: how does spotlight connect to GDS database? does it look for it under c:program files or load the location from registry? i'm asking because my system drive is D, hence it's d:program files, which could be the reason why it doesn't work.

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hi Tom, I'm really surprise that you do not recognize me,how can you forget me and the site that intoduce you as a developer in mac emulation world. Your old file is still in my site and I'm willing to host your new and future files as well. Just send me the file to my email (you still have my email right) and I will put it in my server and provide the link to other members here to download.

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I am still working on trying to find some of these bugs. I am also adding code that will let the program look into the registry to find out what programs to open different file types, so you can actually open the files instead of just searching them

To those that are having problems, is your computer up to date. The reason why I ask is this program does not contain any 3rd party controls, it's built completely on microsoft windows common controls so if you are up to date it should work.

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For me.. when I open it, the options thing comes up, I fill that in, the search box comes up.. I can search but the results didn't seem to display. Just said "Show all" and "Top Hit" and didn't name any files. Also as soon as click off it, it completely closes, no tray icon or anything like that.

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