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Here is a problem I am having:

When the program tries to initiate the search, google returns a page with no results saying "Your browser is unsupported, click here to use this browser anyway". I thought I put in the correct code to automatically initiate this link and create the needed cookie on your system, telling google it's ok to use the browser.

I appears to not be working so I am investigating further, but that's where the problem lies right now

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Component 'MSINET.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

im getting that error when trying to run spotlight.exe both on a windows 2000 and a windows XP sp2 machines. what might be causing that? am i missing an update or something?

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ok so heres what i got...

win xp sp2: spotlight did not ask to set preferences upon first run. the spotlight box appears on the top right of my screen but i am unable to enter text. clicking anywhere on the spotlight box generates an error beep.

win 2000: spotlight preferences ran upon initial startup. i entered in my security code. applied settings. i was able to enter text, but like sacas, it did not produce any results anywhere (although the little "searching" animation was spinning). ADD: actually i was just able to produce results but since i moved the spotlight box to the bottom right of my screen, i couldnt see all the results. doh!

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