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New Spotlight clone

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geocities is retarted, I put the download link on the first page, when I click on it it says the page isn't available. Then when I put the cursor in the addressbar where the link is and press enter, it downloads

I had to kinda figure it out myself, I just added the filename to the end of the web address

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Go to the first post, I just released a new test build

NOTE: You will have to set up your preferences again, it is done differently this time. Pretty much you will be doing a desktop search in internet explorer. Then you will copy and paste the entire first part of the link before your search criteria into a box on the preferences dialog, as well as the rest of the link after the search criteria. An easy way is to search for all caps : XXXXXX, then select around it. (there are full instructions in the prefs dialog_

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no, that's what I tried to do, it allowed me to hit ignore, but didn't continue. I eventually got an out of memory error, as you can see by the log. I don't actually have the application at all, it did not install

EDIT: I don't have a reg entry for Spotlight at all, just a log and ST6UNST.000 file (but what is there to uninstall as thats it! lol)

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In the latest build it looks like spotlight.exe gets dropped in WindowsSystem32 instead of the selected path. Just an FYI after looking at the uninstall log.

However I am at the same point as most others it seems, that is I can launch the app and do a search but get no results, just the 3 links for Show All, Top Hit and Spotlight Preferences.


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Test build 6 and nothing.

before i install it.I unistall the old and delete the spotlight from registry.

when i install it he say that my "msinet.dll" is newest and the "msvcrt.dll" was in use.

also now (with build 6) there isn't a empty space between the "Top Hit" and "Spotlight Preferences..."(check my previous post to see what i mean.At the screenshot i have select the empty space).

Sorry for my bad English.I hope i help. :)

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