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[Release] Dashboard Weather Widget for Konfabulator


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Here is my first Konfabulator Widget. After seeing a preview of Tiger (particularly Dashboard), reading about a alternative for Windows (Konfabulator) and seeing the great work of Saladin and Ghostwalker, I decided to make my own contribution. So here it is, the konfab clone of the weather widget.


Download Link:Dashboard Weather v2.3

Please let me know if there are any bugs.

Thanks and have fun with this widget.


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WOW! this is the best mac port of a widget on konfabulator I've ever seen! thanks!

you HAVE to translate all the widgets. hahaha you're my new hero now. come onnn. do it for me hehe :)

one thing i have to ask though, can you please include all the fonts needed for download? i know you specify them, but it's not working for me, so you must have different versions. thanks!

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In case all of you missed this post from the mods:

1. Do not harrass developers (ie questions like "how is this going?", "can i have a monkey widget next?", et cetera) If your post does not contribute (bug report, resources, answering the quesitons of a dev) dont post it.

2. Keep your dramas and whining outside of the damn forums - I am not your mommy i will not take your uneducated crap; you flame, youre suspended.


Yes, you are thanking one guy, true. In this case devs will have to feel thanked as a group for the sake of clarity and order.

and Since the kind developer of this fine widget only said:

" Please let me know if there are any bugs or the widget doesn't react like the original."

I think it is safe to say your 'requests' are uncalled for at this time.

Other than that, I wil say that the recent fix worked for me, however the Ludica Font you posted is quite old. You may want to consider a new one, maybe from the Soulless selection.

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siosae- is the widget a valid widget file? i tried to open it, but every time i recieve a message that says "could not open Widget - either isnt a widget or you don't have acess to that file (openwidget:unable to open .widget as zip)

but from the pics, the widget looks great

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Hi, cheers on the lovely widget... just a small bug report to get in on the action :)

Please see the attached screenshot.

edit: oh, and there is a slight animation stutter, (a momentary pause part way through the "roll-up" & sometimes the "dropdown") of the extended view that happens a significant %-age of the time.


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first of all, thanks for your posts.

- i will add the shadow this evening (thanks @cleanup)

- also there was a little bug with the grid, is fixed an comes with the next release.

- about the spawning, i'll try it

- @duckie: can you tell me where to find the new one, would be easy to take that one instead in the next release

- more infos in the tooltip comes tomorrow

- @ariesting: about the background color, should be purple only after sunset/bevor sunrise, and your are right, the xml had problems with time like "0:09", fixed it. it's in the next release (tonight)


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@firecracker6: the reported bug (screenshot) in the textbox is because I used the specified fonts (see first post)

maybe I will change them to newer ones if I get them. the second (the cut off degree) is fixed. thanks for posting it.

please can you describe the slight animation stutter because I don't recognize it myself.


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