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[Release] Dashboard Weather Widget for Konfabulator


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sorry folks, but i never got that error message or had problems loading the widget. and for now, I dont know the reason for the problem you post.

I will have to check the startup procedure inside my widget. maybe next week, because right now i'm very busy getting the widgetdock done.

OOhhh...widget dock :D

Mine works just fine with both feeds.

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uploading a new version to osx-e.com. it has only some bugs fixed (3 digit temperature, unfinished timer,...)

flipping animation is a lot smoother from the first time on with konfabulator 2.1

the next big release (new weather feed, dropdown box, optimized animations,...) have to wait a few days, sorry


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First off, a big ol' thank you for this amazing widget...such a classy looking little thing.

I have no clue whether or not this has been asked before (and yes...I did google to find a solution but couldn't find anything)... I am using accuweather.com because it's the only one that enables me to see the weather at my location (Datteln, Germany) but for some reason the current icon on top fails to display the current weather but keeps on displaying the moon 24/7.

I am using XP Pro SP2, Konfabulator 2.1.1 and Dashboard Weather 2.2...any suggestions how to solve this issue...weather.com won't alow me to dislay my location, but seems to work fine when I'm picking bigger cities here in Germany.

Any help, since this is the reason I initially d'loaded Konfabulator, would be greatly appreciated....and the fella who helps me resolve this problem will earn my lifelong respect and appreciation! ;-)

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I'm having the very same problem as lostheart. I love your widget BTW, SioSae! It worked fine for the first day, but it got stuck on the moon. Same thing happens in Konfabulator 2.0 and the old native weather widget that used Accuweather. I like Accuweather as well, because my village is included (Gullanget, Sweden) and my city Ornskoldsvik 3-4 kms away. Weather.com doesn't even have Ornskoldsvik... At first I thought this was a problem with Accuweather, but it isn't, since ForecastFox works in Mozilla.

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new version is up. see first post for a link and let me know if it doesn't work for you.


the new version has only a few new features: direct update by click on the degree symbol, fixed accuweather.com bug and automatically checking for new versions on start.

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