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[Release] Dashboard Weather Widget for Konfabulator


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What I noticed is that when the widget updates itself from say day to night, it won't stay on the spot I want it to be but jumps to a location about a centimeter above...haven't noticed this behaviour in the releases before...

Another thing...it's 9 p.m. here in Germany atm and the symbol just changed from sun to moon and back to sun again...

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about the jumping while updating from day to night, i will check if there is anything going wrong.

about day/night and the icon: the switch between day and night is made by checking if the weather feed time is between sunset and sunrise time for night, day the opposite. the icons are coming direct from the feed and sometimes the icon is changing after sunset time. i cant affect that.


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Guest BugMeNot123

First of great widget just a few niggles when i position the widget where i want it(top left of my desktop) then right click it and click the lock position option but every time i close Konfabulator and restart it or even just close the widget it appears maybe a inch lower then what i left.

I would like to suggest a feature if possible, to disable tool tips would be great as i find the annoying.

These image indicate my problem i set it where i wanted it in the first pic right clicked and enabled locked position then closed it and reopened it.

untitled11pt.th.jpg | untitled27in.th.jpg

Also whenever i start it the update message appears to update to 2.3(hotfix) but i already have 2.3 installed.

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about the repositioning, i will take a look. maybe it is because of konfabulator set the position relative to the image positions in the widget or the widget size and there are weather icons (like hail) which are larger and having a lower vOffset like the sun.

disabling tooltips is a great idea, will add this feature.

@BugMeNot123, gracie34

about the update dialog every time you start the widget:

- if the update message is shown, there is a new update available. the version you have is v2.3 but there is a new version v2.3 (Hotfix) available. sorry for the confusion about the same version number but i had to do the update really fast because of the weather.com feed wasn't updating correct or wasn't updating at all. so, please download the hotfix version and the update message wont be displayed anymore.

disabling the update check will be an option in the next release.


do you have the hotfix version installed? because in v2.3 the weather.com wasn't functioning well (see above)


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Guest BugMeNot123

Thanks for you reply SioSae i looked at the repositioning again and i closed it then reopened it the update of the weather info was 09:02 i put into position and locked it then when i checked it out again it had moved again and the update time has also changed to 09:42. So it would seem it repositions itself after a refresh whether that be a update of info or by closing it and reopening it.

Also about the updated version i tried to get it from http://www.osx-e.com/downloads/dashboard/weather.html but it is the same version that i have i then tried http://www.savefile.com/files.php?fid=2307347 but i could not download it from there for some reason it there any possibilty you could either update http://www.osx-e.com/downloads/dashboard/weather.html to the latest version or supply a new direct download link, thanks for all the help.

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i'm sorry osx isn't updating the last version. maybe i will have to upload a new 2.4 for osx update it.

savefile is working for me but maybe i have to find another place for the widget, if anybody can host it for me or can tell me where i can put it online that would be very nice.

about the positioning: the widget will be shown after an update the way that the weather icon image is shown completelly. if the image is covered from the top screen border, the widget will move down. you cant see where the sun image will end for instance because its opacity is near 0 on its borders. i have to take a look how i can optimize it a little bit.


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Hello there SioSae,

Here there, great work on this widget. One of my favorites so far. Anyway, I have a quick request. I notice that after I suspend my computer and then come back to it, it takes a while for the weather to update itself. Is there any way that you can make it so that it updates automatically upon reconnection (without having to click the white circle)?



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Sometimes the update now button doesn't really update either. Changing the weather source will sort of fix it until it happens again. Not sure if it's important, but I usually don't shut down my laptop but hibernate it. With past versions the widget did not update for a long time after resuming from hibernation, not sure if it updates soon after resuming with the latest version though. I'm using the latest hotfix. Sometimes the updating dot does not go away after updating.

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Very nice widget but I only have updates when I restart the program...the automatic updates don't work and the update now button either...it's a pitty :(

Looking in more details I figured out that that problem only happens with weatherchannel.com forecast. Accuweather works fine!

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@DrEaMs In DiGiTaL & gofor

I will try to fix the bug and add an option to completely hide the close box today. thanks for posting the bug.

As far as I can see it wont be a problem to solve this ;)


the new version I uploaded yesterday fix this bug. download it and it's fine.


Can I take it for a commercial homepage ?

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Just one thing that I don't know if it is a bug or not. Every update on this widget freezes my computer. I can't do anything in that time (maybe 10 seconds). Since the widget is frequently being updated, that is really a problem to me. I love this widget and I don't want to change it :)

One possibility could be to have the option of changing the update frequence. That would be nice to me. I'm running on Windows XP SP2.

Thank you, can't wait for the dashboardweather update !!!

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