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[Release] Dashboard Weather Widget for Konfabulator


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@Eyesonly and Magnus Wild

I really would do it but can't test it myself. I started to port it because I'm using the xp-version. sorry that I didn't think about all the mac user without Tiger.

So, let me do it this way. I finish the next release and after that try to fix all the bugs on the mac side (with your help).

Is that ok for you?

And by the way, what are the main differences between developing for mac and xp version?

@Magnus Wild

please pm me the major bugs so I can get a feeling about what is maybe xp-specific. thanks a lot.


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I too really enjoy this widget for Konfabulator. The font we are looking for is HelveticaNeue Light 45 from the Linotype library. It's also available in the Adobe Font Folio Opentype Edition, but I don't think that Konfab supports OTF with postscript outlines.

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no It doesn't, unfortunately. even the true type font "Helvetica Neue" I found here somewhere and added to my first post is ignored by konfab. it just set the font to arial. and even worse, another font (the lucida grande one) is maybe shown correctly but the return code of the textarea.font property says "undefined".

something strange happens there ;-) I wrote the subject in the konfab board but didn't get a really helpful conclusion yet.


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