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[Release] Dashboard Weather Widget for Konfabulator


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For those of you who want to know, I recieved this message from DeviantArt:


Your deviation, listed below, has been removed from deviantART due to a violation of our policies:

URL: [link]

Title: Weather Widget

Submitted: 2005-05-26 7:15:37 am

Your deviation was removed because it violated one of the following policies:

1. Deviants are responsible for securing the necessary third-party arrangements which allow the submissions to deviantART that are derivative works based on that artists works. Without that arrangement made prior to submission then the deviation is not legally allowed to be submitted.

2. deviantART does not allow the submission of copywritten material without the securing of the necessary third-part arrangements. This means that if a deviant submits the work of another artist, without first obtaining permission, and displaying that permission on deviantART, then the submission is considered a rip.

deviantART enforces a zero tolerance policy in regards to violations of our submission policy and therefore will take the actions that we deem necessary on a case by case basis. There is a possibility that you will be banned from interactivity on deviantART therefore it is suggested that you visit your user page to see if this is in fact the case.

I dont know why this is happening to my widget only and not to all the dashboard clones, but I wont discuss this with devart because I dont want to point them on the other widgets to be removed to.


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thanks a lot.


with konfab 2.0.1 the font is displayed and I will use it for the temperature. thanks a lot. unfortunately the true type font helvetica neue (see my first post) still is ignored by konfab.


right now I uploaded it on my freenet account. I remembered, creating one a couple years ago ;-)

watch first post for a link.


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NEW VERSION IS UP. See first post.


the widget itself updates every 3 minutes and AccuWeather will return a new weather feed every 30 minutes

- the widget update process can be seen with the little fetching animation (a dot in the degree symbol)

- the new weather feed every 30 minutes can be seen in the info tooltip (last updated...)

works fine for me


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after restarting it I noticed it updateing strange I wonder why it didnt last night?Still showed the night skin and 74 degrees when it is 57.

By the way new version looking good and Ive been waiting for DevArt to do that to me since day one if it happens I may consider doing what a friend suggested and starting a new website called "The Dead Widget Society" for widgets konfabulator wont except.

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is it still doesn't working correctely? and by the way, the idea with the dead widget society is a great idea. I just thought about not only upload the widget on my freenet account but making a little website where put the widget on. maybe we can do something together.


can you please pm me what bugs are on the mac side, maybe I can fix them now.


"laval" is working for me.

by the way, hope you like my slider :)


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changed the background color and another small bug which maybe wont be recognized normally. You can download it or wait until the next release coming end of the week. I'm working hard to get the feature done I always wanted so much...


I honestly dont know, because I didn't see anything from searching the sources. But since it was requested I thought why not make such an option available.

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Glad to see the font is working. One little bug I'm experiencing, I have the widget near the top of the screen and when it does an update, it jumps down about 5/8" or so.

Thats because the widget is preventing the weather image from going off screen.

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Thanks a lot for the widget, like the other dashboard ports is an awesome work.

I donĀ“t know if this is a pointless request but is possible get this widget using 0% cpu?, right now is using 5-9% not much but is a big difference for me (my computer), the konfab weather widget is usig 0% cpu.

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so, in v1.5 the whole font and shadow discussion will be closed. I'm using Ariel now for the text (accept the temperature numbers) because Konfab still set Arial as Default font if it cant or wont display a custom font. So HelveticaNeue was never really used by the widget, dont need it anymore. LucidaGrande only for the city search? doesn't make sense, changed it, no need for the font anymore. I made some little number images fot the temperature. so no need for an extra font either.


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