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New Shadows For Wfx2


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Guest zoot

yeah, thats what I'm using but I can't get the shadows to stick using AddShadow. I have to run AddShadow eveytime I want to use QCD, there must

a better way of applying shadows to QCD, or maybe I'm just doing something wrong.

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Guest zoot

@Goku also I just happend to notice that your QCD skin look different to mine even though we use the same skin at least I think we do.

look and see for youself :





see the difference.

anyways, have to figure a way to get the shadows to stick to QCD.

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Originally posted by HearshotKidDisaster@May 13 2003, 06:39 AM

zoot: you can make a bat which opens the shadow and qcd for you at the same time


how though?

cause basically, you need to hit a button "apply shadows" to QCD, so how can that be done in the bat. if you could post it, it would rule.

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Originally posted by zoot@May 13 2003, 06:51 AM

anybody know who wrote the AddShadow app?



If you could share the command line in the .bat file, i would truly appreciate it - i gotta save the world you know...


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Guest Sone

Relly great shadow yeah for sure but Im gonna ask the same question. How do I get the slider to 150? It dont have any #'s period there. I opened up the shadow file in notepad and just saw your dumb email addy.


Nvm: Count on Goku to even support a text illustration.


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