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Official Posting Warning!

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The moderating team is sick of being a nanny and moving threads from General Discussion Forum where people, either cause of their wish to get more exposure or sheer lazyness, post all kinds of requests and other NON GD related stuff.

We hereby inform you that all new, NON General Discussion related threads will be closed and members who started them given an official warning. Second warning will result in a 7 day suspension and third offence will result in a permanent ban.


Please read the rules and use your head. Posting in a proper sub-forum will just increase your chances of getting help/what you need. Also use tags and informative thread titles. Tags will help others notice what your thread is about, and a proper thread title will just increase the number of people that will be able to help you.

Thank you.

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Wow, I would imagine that this official warning may have been directed at me?

I will sleep tonight knowing I made a good effort to find the right group to post my Winosx question.

Sorry to get people's stuff all in a bunch......


. . . what are you talking about?

The thread was made in 2005, you joined in 2008. How on earth could it possibly be made for you?

Plus, you only have 2 posts, how could you even get a warning yet? o_O

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I'm not sure what happened but after I posted my question I went back to what I thought was the "Genral" thread and so the "Warning" which I believe was at the top of the list so I assumed it was the most recent so that's whay I figured it was directed at me. I never looked at the "Last Posted date".

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