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Dashboard WidgetDock

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Hi there,

new Release of my WidgetDock is online. v2.9b will fix some bugs and add some new features. This release needs Yahoo! Widgets 3.0 (or later) to be installed.


download WidgetDock v2.9b and WidgetDockMod v2.9b from www.siosae.de


New in v2.9b:

- changed tooltip for the items (add the items name)

- hide the widget manager icon, so you can open the manager window by clicking on the "manage widgets..." button directly

- opacity for the wheel button in the context menu

- enable the use of program icons again

- fixed bug on closing the widget manager with its icon shown in the dock

- fixed bug when selecting new destination of lost item

- fixed bug preventing the widget to load on mac os (hopefully)

- fixed bug inside the drag & drop feature

New in v2.9:

- commandline options for programs (via context menu in the widget manager)

- resize cross and manage widgets button with the dock

- fixed bug on screen position change after resize dock

- fixed false icon glow if a not found icon is left of clicked one

- fixed cutted cross and "manage widgets.." images

- fixed another switch screen position bug

- fixed cross/wheel - dock behaviour (e.g. rotation)

- fixed bug adding folders with certain names to dock while adding all widgets from a specified folder

- optimized performance of function "add all widgets from specified folder", a lot faster now

- changed bar switch handling (you can click on the whole left/right side now)

- added some more icons and placed them in a seperate folder (please read the icons_readme.txt for copyright)*

*thats the reason why its a bigger zip archive

Please read the readme.txt (liesmich.txt for german users) for detailed Installation Notes and Important Informations.

I hope you enjoy this widget.

have fun.


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Great Job. Only Problem I seem to be getting is that the Widget manager widget wont stay closed after I'm done using it. If I go out of konspose and back in, the widget manager is opened again.

And a suggestion: is it possible to make it ignore the taskbar and allow it to be completely hidden within konspose, until you hit the plus sign? It keeps snapping up above the taskbar for me. :)

Again Excellent work! :) Can't wait for the animations and drag&drop support.


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I know there are two threads now, but I worked on my version for some time now and want to release a beta this evening. and why shouldn't do it on my own thread only because someone else was faster releasing his/her version.


added your comments and suggestions to my open issues list.

konspose handling and final positioning isn't tested because of the beta status.


when will you get your mac?

...so the race is on ;)

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SioSae managed to implement the functionalities... WELL DONE.

But he forgot about the graphics :D ... Damn that cross button is so bloody big :D

You can download the other bar from here .

Mine is a little rough on the config, but it looks very realistic.

Listen... SioSae... if you want me to help you with the graphics... i would be glad.

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