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Dashboard WidgetDock

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@ UNI0N Jack: My apologies

@ userx: When you first run it will ask for a config file you will have to use the default config file which is in the widget dock folder.

@ XanthraX: At the bottom where it says add widgets there is an up/down arror next to that click it and it will say add program click it again add folder and so on. At the top you have the same thing sort by name click the arrows and sort by type.

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Hi siosae, sorry to bother ya here ...but i've been experiencing some problems with widget spawning since i upgraded to 2.5... here take a look:http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/8194/untitled15ts.jpg

Please look at daily dose (thats the comic widget on the left hand side). It appears as though the widget is in normal view but when i get out of konspose to see normal view it isn't there. This has happened to me with other widgets as well ... dictionary and stickies for example. I tried turning off dashboard dock and then openning the widgets and discovered that the problem was still there. I had to turn konfab off all together and then turn on the widget and it was fine. But when i used dash dock ..it started to happen again. Also I've installed the widget as you have laid out. Do you have any idea whats the problem here???? Thanks for your help :)

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here is a little update whats finished for the next release so far:

- you can set a custom default icon

- click on an already opened widget will close it instead of reload it

- added some more tooltips

- you can load different configuration files

- you can automatically load all widgets from a specified directory (and it will only add new widgets to the dock)

- all icons will be shown in correct scale (no stretching anymore, so little yoda looks fine now ;-))

still working on the resizing of the dock for the next release...


on the fly resizing of the dock is finished.


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new version is coming today. about the differences between the WidgetDock and the WidgetDockMod: they will have the same features from this release date on and i consider to let the WidgetDockMod have the same version number like the original WidgetDock which would be v2.6 to wipe out all missunderstandings. Right now the WidgetDockMod doesn't support Programs and Directories to be add but for the new release they will have the same programming sources. The WidgetDockMod started as a branch of the WidgetDock some time ago and got a version number started from v1.0 althrough the WidgetDock version was v2.3 at that time.

to minimize my effort and make a future skinnable version possible i had to put them together now.


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Hi SioSae,

just finished reading the "readme.txt" file, had a few questions:

If i have your widgetdockmodv1.1 installed from Konfab's widget gallery, can i still upgrade using your included instructions to Widgetdockv2.6? For instance, keeping my current config file, etc.

well, that's about it actually,


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I just finished testing out both the WidgetDock and WidgetDockMod v2.6.

I have an instance of the WidgetDock crashing and taking with it, Konfabulator.exe; these are the steps to experience this.

Installation/update of WidgetDockModv1.1 to WidgetDockModv2.6.

I unzipped WidgetDockMod2.6.zip to the same folder as my current WidgetDockMod folder, and copied my previous icons and WidgetDock.config file over to the WidgetDockMod2.6 folder. I shutdown/closed WidgetDockModv1.1 and launched v2.6 pointing the 1st dialog to the proper config file.

The dock appears, i click on a widget, I hear all these 'konfab clicking' sounds (you know, when widgets are closing down.) The dock disappears and takes Konfabulator with it.

Re-launching the dock and clicking on another widget causes the same crash. Clicking on an .exe (program) shortcut does the same thing.

Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I just replaced my personalized config file with the original one (empty) that comes with the "WidgetDock2.6.zip" file and went into "Manage Widgets" and added a widget, (The Dashboard Calculator) and assigned an Icon, etc.. when I went to click on the newly added widget in the dock, the dock and konfab shutdown immediately upon clicking the icon. Odd.. it never did this in the prior versions.

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