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without interacting with them it wont be possible i think


did you download the newest version? please try again


about the daily dose widget: hm, dont know why, maybe i'll take a look at that widget and maybe it is because of the whole currentdirectory bug in konfab (the reason why there is a resouces folder in the widgetdock dir)

tomorrow i will reactivate the spawning checkbox in the preference dialog, there you can disable the spawning for such widgets and they should load normaly.

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SioSae, a job well done on the dock. I am new here and have only recently been playing around with Konfab and widgets. The only bug that I have come across, and forgive me if this is through my own ignorance, is when I toggle from left to right to view the widgets docked on the second page. The page numbers, i.e. 1 of 2 and 2 of 2, go kinda screwy and start counting up/down and I am not able to revert back to the first page.


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bug is fixed along with others i found myself (for instance having more than 2 bars, etc) in the first official release coming in a few minutes. i will upload it on osx-e so the link shouldn't be a problem anymore (the actual link is working fine for me by the way).

whats added in the first final version:

- support for .kon files (no spawning allowed for them)

- choice to enable/disable spawning

- widgets not found by the dock will be half transparent in the dock and in the pref dialog they will be colored red. so you know, they are missing and have to be relocated.

- if the image is missing the default image will be set and the image preview in the pref dialog is half transparent

- icon will glow when clicked (indicates, that the widget will start actually)

- fixed some bugs

did i forgot something? hm, maybe ;-)


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i have a suggestion! maybe you can leave a space on the background for a screenshot of the desktop. so that you cloud make the slide to top thing work. and we'll just have to make a screenshot of our own and replace your png background after installation.

maybe even adding a half transparent black layer on top the screenshot.

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Sorry, but I'm confused: SioSae, you mentioned posting the first release 2 hours back, but I can't find it on OSX-E - will I get it just by returning to the link on the first page of this discussion? That still says it's beta2, though. (Scratching my head...)
Read his last 2 posts carefully, the release will be on Monday.
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