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Dashboard & RKLauncher

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You may also combine this script with launching Konfabulator:

'--- start ---

set wshshell=createobject("wscript.shell")


wscript.sleep 3000

wshshell.SendKeys "{F11}"

'--- end ---

This let's Konfab start up, wait 3 seconds until the widgets have been loaded and then show them in Konsposé-mode ... that's how I do it ;) And because you can only run one instance of Konfabulator it also works while it already runs :D

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Is it possible to write a script that allows for the following:

1. Click on the icon on RK Launcher to start Yahoo Widget Engine; then

2. While Widget Engine is running, when you click on it a second time it brings up konspose?

If so, is it also possible for the icon on the dock to have a running indicator?


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