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Official "Hello I'm new to Aqua-Soft" Thread

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Since I noticed these kinds of threads are popular among new members and at the same time, are frowned upon by our rules, i thought it would be best for both parties to have an official "Hello" thread where our new members could introduce themselves and at the same time, avoid breaking the rules.

I know we had a thread like this in the old days so i thought it would be worth a shot.

Respect the rules, contribute to the community, and you will see that not even certain evil mods will spoil the fun you will be having here. ;)

Welcome to Aqua-Soft and enjoy your stay. :)


Good thinking, Unbe. I have been meaning to post such a thread but i had always forgotten :)

I would like to add that this thread is to be kept on topic (Hello Im new to aqua-soft related posts only). Any other posts will be deleted (like the 2 i just deleted).

// Seph


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/me crawls out of cage and stutters

um... eh.. eh-hello?

um.. i'm kinda new here...... will someone help me find out uh.. how to AHH, uh um.... help me maybe.. find the restroom? eh, i meant.. how... uh where can i find.. the.. how do i.. um... i just wanna let you guys know that.. eh, well... hi.

Hi new guy , to find the restroom , use the search feature ok ? ;)
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I've been lurking for a long long time now, too.


Hoping to step up my development work, some of which might be relevant to these forums so will post things every now and then! Congrats. to the moderating team who seem to be clearing things up and enforcing the policies here - makes it much more enjoyable for the rest of us! (Saying this only as an observing-lurker) :)

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