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Official "Hello I'm new to Aqua-Soft" Thread

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Hi Everyone,

I've been lurking around for quite a while picking up hints, tips and info. At first I thought this forum was a bit too uptight, but it turns out to be better organized and more informative than a lot of other forums. I dont know if I have enough time in this life to become as skillful with reguard to modding as some of the users here, but this forum is a great resource. Thank you :)

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HI there everyone. My name is Shane

Im 20

Im a model and an actor entrepreneur and everything else.

Got a lil Photobloggin site going: TheLapYap

Ive been big on skinning windows for quite some time.

Wuvs Macs

Found this site some years ago but jsut never posted for some reason

now I do and I love all of you guys. we should all hug, and kiss, and touch..ooo touch.



Happy to be here and happy new year to all of you.!

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