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Official "Hello I'm new to Aqua-Soft" Thread

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Hey, I'm also new around here. My name is Garon Shanks and I am a friend of Benji on here, I'm not sure if many of you guys know him. Yeah, since the recent revolution on my old home Customize.org I've decided to re-locate myself and hopefully this can become a home for me.

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Ok not new around here, but just found this thread................and PPL call me slow ;)

I'm from sunny Scotland just got into skinning......ohhhhh errrrr missus.

Looking at some of the ages of the guys I seems like an old man at nearly 40.

Love all the work you guys do, keep it up.

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Hey all. Not too new around here, but new to the forums. I've been a fan of this site for a very long time, just haven't had time to post anything in the forums. Since I sold my site, I have a lot more time on my hands to join in and actually participate here. Glad to see my account is still valid :)

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