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Wanted: AveDesk 1.3 'Beta'-Testers

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I'm working on AveDesk 1.3, and I am in need of testers.

I like to work in a development cycle that is test/feedback-driven with lots of feedback, so I need people who are dedicated, have time for feedback reports, don't do it to look cool.

An average cycle would look like: get new test-version, testing, find bugs / problems / things that should work differently, give feedback to me, new test-version.

I need a small group of people who are really dedicated about it, and thus have:

- time enough

_ don't whine about why feature XYZ isn't there (yet)

- have the ability to find problems

- and more important: have the ability to name problems and give an accurate description about what is happening / triggering the problem.

- communication will go via MSN and/or e-mail


- I'm in need for someone with a Pentium with Hyperthreading enabled

- Someone with a pretty low-end machine (low gfx-card at least)

If you think this is something you would like to do, reply in this thread (and add a motivation maybe? :P). I need about 4, 5 people.

Do not PM me about this but reply in this thread!

PS. People who have donated always have the possibility to get a preview of the next avedesk version. If you have donated something to the avedesk-project, PM me with your details if you want an 1.3 preview.

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oo oo pick me pick me *waves arm in air franticly in a forum sense*....im not sure if ive got hyperthreading or even if i know what that is but im in....i only have 256mb ram and a ati radeon 9200 graphics card which is like 4-5 years old....btw 2.6ghz processor speed

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I know I'm a new member here (that's my first post!), but I'd like to test this new version of Ave desk.

I know delphi and I use it to make many apss. At my country, I've made a version of finder, called osXplorer. Now, I'm working on ain Spotlight clone with much more features than the others. It's ready, but I need some free time to translate it into english and write about screens, posts etc...

If you want my help as a beta tester, I'll help you :D .

Mail: filipedlarcanjo@gmail.com MSN: filipedlarcanjo@hotmail.com

And, before I forgot: Congratulations for this wondeful app.

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