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Itunes And Aqua V2

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I just D/L iTunes Port from your site, so your server is working properly...

I really like the cool, tight buttons, but absolutely am enamored with the 'Startup Menu'...Very Nice...


Looking forward to the Brushed Blue & Graphite...also really like the 'Sunken Button Styles'...

A little blemish on the lettering of Desktop on Taskbar, but hey it's your initial release... :rolleyes:

Just D/L your Aquav2 and the 'Sunken Button Style' is wonderful...Excellent...and the Desktop lettering on the Taskbar is perfect...You corrected that well... :D

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Here is a link to an iTunes Login from the Japanese author/designer Koji Miyoshi that I let KoL know about (just for curiosity-all great designers/skinners want to see more types of high quality work)...

iTunes Login...

P.S. I just D/L the iTunes Login, but unfortuantely, doesn't work with Logon Studio...you would have to replace your actual logonui.exe...

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Ooooh, sweet looking. Now if VS's only supported relocation of the window buttons from right to left, I'd switch back to VS from WB. Damn it, I've gotten so used to close/min/max a window in the top left corner, it feels like going back to Windows 3.1 to switch back. Grrrr, I just have to try it out, because they look so sweet. Damn you. :naughty:

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Originally posted by Timan@May 17 2003, 09:23 PM

now all you need are the itunes buttons in the Aqua one and you got a theme right there  :bow:


Beautiful man...I just read KoL's thread about his new/updated themes @ DT2...and YES, because of your suggestion, he is going to do another Aquav2 Port with iTunes buttons...

Excellent...Way to go KoL!!!

:bow: (Y) :woot:

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