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Itunes And Aqua V2

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ROFL...man, that was fast! I first saw your post on DT2, and remembered what DZ suggested about possibly incorporating blue buttons in your iTunes theme...

Wow, I D/L it the moment I saw your update reply...and could not agree with DZ more in regard to you listening to your 'loyal supporters' advice/suggestions about your fantastic, high quality themes, and putting that advice (within reason) to work...

Now with Savanna, and your iTunes v1.2...Beautiful... :boob_shake:

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I've tried it out, and I love it, but there's one big caveat - the min/max/close buttons are to the right, and there's no whatever-it's-called button that just leaves the titlebar in view... Damn Apple & WB, I've gotten too hooked, and can't swap back to having to close a window to the right. It just feels wrong...

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