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Smooth Stripes 3

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Originally posted by KoL@May 28 2003, 05:14 PM

Thanks everyone :)

@ Wysiwyg: that bug is not the theme is IE

@ dz: Im gonna update it soon :)

Excellent! Tear that bad boy up and give us something good senior KoL!

(Of course, it will have to be better than SS3.0 in order for anyone with any taste to use it...) :woot:

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hey dz and everyone

I want to let you know that you will have to wait a little for Quantum and other themes. Im going to take one class this summer and I wont have free time to work with themes.

3 hours everyday and one exam every friday :pinch:

Im going to continue with themes on july :smile:

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hey KoL what program do you use to design? photoshop? cuz if you do, would you mind telling me the layer style settings you use to create the iTunes type buttons? i would love to know because they're amazing and i might want to use that design in some skins or whatever... thanks in advance :)

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KoL - Smooth Stripes v3 is wonderful - thank you for this great theme.

I actually like the weird thing the scrollbar does in I.E., too - that just adds to the unique feel of the theme.

I suppose it might seem silly for me to ask, since the theme really does seem complete as is, but I'll just inquire - is it at all possible to create an option for opened windows to change color on the taskbar? E.g. so that the area of the task bar where they're listed turns, say, clear blue when the mouse moves over that area, or flashes clear blue when a new window pops up, as in the default XP themes? I realize you've made your theme the way it is for a reason, and refined that over several versions - yet that option is very useful for those of us who don't use Object Bar.

I realize you probably get a lot of requests to change your theme to this way or that, people saying, "Oh, KoL, I love your theme, but could you do blah blah...?" I also realize you have summer classes right now - as do I, so it's not a big deal--I understand that that definitely will take a lot of your time. I figured, however, that I'd mention my thoughts, in hopes that this theme could become even more usable.

Either way, thank you again for the excellent theme.

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@ Pattern: its ok to make suggestion. I love that people make suggestion that way I can improve my themes. To answer your question, Im gonna make an update of Smooth Stripes 3. Im gonna fix some bugs that I found, Im gonn make some graphics again and Im gonna add the mouse over effects to the taskbar. But you'll need to wait until July when I finish my class :)

@ dolfan4ever: Thanks, I dont know if Im gonna make that because I like to make the port to look as much as possible to the original. But maybe I'll make other colors maybe :D

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KoL - you rock, and yes, by all means, take your time. Your themes are excellent, and I can wait. :D

I wanted to mention one more thing that I noticed - I use the task bar hidden on the side of the desktop, and in the current version of SmoothStripes 3, the areas for the first two windows end up skewed - the first is halfway off the top of the screen and the second is actually under the task button. I decided to play with it in StyleBuilder and I figured out why it does that - to get rid of the picture on the start button, you changed the button's parameters in a vertical direction, moving it to -50 -- I played around with it and found that if you change its parameters so that the button moves off the screen to the left about -60, the start button disappears on both the horizontal (normal) and vertical orientations of the task bar without leaving any minimized window areas out of place.

Tell me if that makes sense - I'm looking forward to more excellent work from you in the future and, again, please take your time. Thank you for the reply to my earlier query as well.

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