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Multi-Plugin 2.2 For iTunes 6

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I only had to fix the installer once and forever and fix a problem with the Foobar2000 passthrough (it muted sound from videos).

I don't understand why it's called iTunes 6 at all. The only "new" thing is the videos, but iTunes could play videos since 4.9.

psh, you're just being humble ;). you rock man, thank a bunch for your hard work and dedication!

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It goes like this:

First hour (8:30) I download iTunes 6 so when mPlugin is updated I can install both.

Last hour (six minutes ago) I check, and mPlugin is out.

This happens every time, and I love it. I'm going to need to order a laptop soom so I can constantly check for updates to mPlugin. Thanks localhost. This makes everything much more amazing.

By the way, do skins for work in v6?

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