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I have a problem with the QMP docklet.

The problem in fact is not remembering the path to the player.

Now, i belive that has something to do with the configuration: (extras from my "itemlist.conf"):


type = docklet_od

name = QMPDocklet

icon = DockletPath:qmp.png

show = normal

path = QMP/QMPDocklet.dll

loaded = 1

configIniFile = dockletstemp.ini

configIniGroup = Docklet

Path = QMP/QMPDocklet.dll

Image = docklets/QMP/qmp.png

Customize = -1

LabelMode = 1

I have no ideea how all this docklet stuff is working, but IMHO i belive that has something to do with what i underlined.

I have no ideea if is rk's fault, but i hope i'll have an answer.

Tx for the help and great job!


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I have several problems with the best Winamp Docklet for ObjectDock (IMO) :

- I seems that double-click, central-clic and the scrool wheel on a Docklet aren't handled

- You should be able to customize the Docklet icon, but it doesn't work

- Additionnals PNGs showing Winamp staus shoudl be drawn, but sometimes it doesn't work

I'm using this Docklet all the time, and only this is preventing me from switching to RKlauncher... I would be very thanksfull if you could take a look at this :)

Thanks for you great work !

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Problems with mailcheck docklet for y'z dock.

when i added it, the dock crashed. I started it again and my dock appeared in the upper left corner of the screen.

it was small and magnified, didn't move when i got the mouse over it. i had to close it with the task manager and i had to replace the files in my folder with the ones in the zip file.

Great work for this dock, it will be my default dock as soon as it can remember the custom icons for open apps.

you're a great man :)

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I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug, but here goes.

I'm using the Y'z Recycle Bin docklet that is included with RK Launcher, and I am unable to drag files into the recycle bin when the dock is set to "locked add/delete/drag". It would be nice to have the dock locked (so i dont accidently drag stuff on or off it), but still be able to drag stuff into the recycle bin.

Thanks. :)

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