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AveDesk 1.3


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hey, where do I find that weather app in this screenshot ?


Ave: linked the screenshot

I would love to know that too. ^_^

I have only a problem with iTunesDesklet and Cdcover1 (by bzeitler): The widget doesn't show any cover. Could it be because I have not the MP3's files into the "My Docs My Music Itunes..." folder?. Has someone this problem?.

Mine is working ok. But i use covers embbed on the MP3TAG.

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I can't believe I missed this :o

Great work Ave, it was great testing this :)


EDIT: On the aveftp desklet, your version the close button doesn't appear in the upper left corner of the image, it displays way on the bottom right. Is this right? I mean, can you configure these? Maybe a new feature you could add ;)

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Ave, once again you do it perfectly.

With 1.0 I thought, how can this get better, 1.1 released... OK he made it better, 1.2 Holy *! he once again improved upon perfection, and now... Now this... This is absolutely a genious piece of software.

Congratulations on an amazing release man.

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