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AveDesk 1.3 SDK


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AveDesk 1.3 SDK

With this SDK, you will be able to create desklets and plug-ins for AveDesk

The AveSDK1.3 includes:

  • DeskletSDK, AveDesk functions for desklet

  • DrawPluginSDK, AveDesk functions for effects

  • New AveControls library, a library of SKINNABLE, ALPHA-BLENDED UI-controls for desklets

  • New doxygen / javadoc style documentationary comments

  • The Old 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 HLP documentation

  • Three sample desklet, FlippyNotes, WordSearcher and Translator.

Get it here: http://avedesk.aqua-softorg/sdk.html

Or here:http://www.avedesk.aqua-soft.org/sdk.html

Temp file: http://avedesk.aqua-soft.org/AveSDK13.zip

ps: RIMMER, Delphi version is coming soon :)

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  • 5 months later...

thank you :)

edit:btw, do you know if it is possible to compile a desklet with Visual Studio 2005? since i saw that the project files were VC6, i thought i should ask the question since i know that plugins for another program can only be compiled with VS8.

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