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Universal UXTheme Patcher v2.1


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October 11, 2006 - Version 2.1

Hopefully this is the last update until a new unsupported uxtheme file comes around. Anyway this update fixes a few small bugs and I managed to make it 22kb smaller than 2.0. (66.5kb vs 88kb)

October 8, 2006 - Version 2.0

I have updated the Universal UXTheme Patcher to v2.0. This release adds support for every uxtheme file currently out in existence and INCLUDES 64-BIT SUPPORT! I reworked the layout a little and fixed some file versions. Rafael Rivera had a few mistakes in his uxtheme repository that I notified him about and it has been updated as well. Every file found in the uxtheme repository is supported in this release (minus Vista).



The Universal UXTheme Patcher is a tool that allows you to use unsigned, 3rd party visual styles in Windows XP, without having to use a program such as StyleXP. It works by patching out the part of uxtheme.dll that checks for the signature. This means that once the file is patched, that is it. The tool does not run in the background or anything like that.

The utility is only 66.5kb. Since this tool is so small, I am granting permission for any visual style (msstyle) creators to include it in their visual style releases. The only thing I ask is that you credit me (flyakite) in your release notes somewhere.

System Requirements

This tool will work on any operating system based on XP (Tablet, MCE, Server 2003) including 64bit versions.


The utility also supports silent patching. Simply run the installer with the "/S" switch (case sensitive). During silent patching, if the patch is successful you will not be notified, it will simply remain silent. If the patch is unsuccessful however, the utility will notify you even with the /S switch.


Logo designed by Fer

Supported by Rafael Rivera (vorte[x])

What's wrong with WindowsX' patcher?

If you are wondering why I made this when there is already a tool out for this, it is because I wasn't satisfied with WindowsX version. It is slow, often alerts users about weird nt setup files on the C:, and replaces files in a very uneffecient manner that results in Windows File Protection dialogs. My tool does none of that. His tool is also is 569kb and is less successful at doing the same thing my tool does at 65.5kb.


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Its different in the fact that my tool is 96.8kb compared to 860kb and is much, much more reliable. Many users have problems with the Neowin patcher (that's the WindowsX patcher). If you have no problems with the Neowin patcher, then no its no different really. The end result theoretically should be the same.

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I had a shot down of the system (Win XP; latest software update). Couldn't launch it any more (even in save modus). Replaced uxtheme.dll and msvcrt.dll. Now System works again but can't use any visual styles any more. Still some dll files seem to be damaged. Don't know what went wrong. Got no message that patch didn't work. What files do the programm change?

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I want to revert back to the original uxtheme.dll which i had before i applied the universal path.

Does your program save a backup somewhere? I hope it does, cause for a strange retarded reason i forgot to save one by myself

I found a file UXTHEME.DL_ --- is that it? It's 100 kb only though, while the pathed one is 200+

Please help

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