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[Release] Dashboard Mail

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Dashboard Mail is a Gmail checker for the Yahoo Widget Engine. Uses the Gmail RSS feed and will display up to 20 new emails.

Auto login to your gmail account, dont worry when the widget starts and you dont have an account you can get one.

Use with any stamp(image) you like including emblym's new Think Different Stamp Collection

Enjoy and please use the bug report button when reporting bugs.


Dont forget to check for updates I have future plans for this widget.

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i have a problem ghost, i put in my gmail account name and password but for some reason it wont allow me to load. it says its "checking mail" then a window comes up and it says "dashboard mail was unable to load itself unsuccessfully", now theres a newer 3.1 version out and i think i have the 3.0 yahoowidget version, will updating my yahoowidget help? thanks.

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I never installed 3.0 so Ive not tested it with that, if I were you I would get the update. But at the same time I also had that happen once this evening not sure what caused it. Iam hoping to catch that if I can. Never had the problem until tonight and Ive been testing it for 3 months. If nothing else close the widget and reload it.

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I could add a yahoo mail count but I would have to check into being able to view new mail in the preview window. Gmail is being pulled from the Gmail RSS feed as far as I know Yahoo does not have such a feed so I would have to try and parse the website. For you Ali C. I will look into it, but I think Gmail is better.

P.S. if you dont have a Gmail account because you have not been invited my widget will let you get an account when you first run it. When it asks if you have an account just click "Get One" and it will open your browser where you can get an account. If you dont have one because you dont want one then that is another story.

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's OK. I'm using it on my new GMail addy now.:)

But only after I asked one of the dudes in the GMail acount thread for an invite. Your widget only created me a Google account, but when I tried to get to GMail it wouldn't let me make an addy. Might wanna look into that.

But I do believe a lot of other less priveleged folks here would enjoy a Yahoo port nonetheless.

I request two things for this widget.

1. The ability to resize it (not everyone has a 1600x1200 desktop, so an icon this big can get in the way when you have an iTunes album cover showing widget, four clocks, a trillian buddy list, a weather widget, a pic widget, and a few of your kCons all sitting on the desk. (and yes it takes a bit of time to load all them widgets.:) )

and 2. I've been trying to find one but can't. Some kind of layered PSD of the stamp icon so I can slap a custom pic into it, and maybe even a custom stamp, too. If you know where I can find one, use my new GMail addy and let me know> alicizmar@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance.

Edit-Never mind, finally dug around in a search for just 'stamp' after 'stamp psd' turned up no results even though the thread it was in was clearly marked.:|

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