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[Release] Dashboard Mail

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^Only by shutting off the widgets from loading at startup. Then you can just click the Yahoo widgets icon to laod them and the mail widget.

Hope there was some help in that.

And Ghosty, some really awful random problem's suddenly started and I haven't changed ANYTHING on my comp.

Instead of loading, now Dashboard Mail just kindly informs me 'it was unable to load itself sucessfully'. It's been doing that off an on the past couple of days but now it's doing it nonstop and I can't get it to open.

Has there been some kind of server change so I need to reset this widget?

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I dont think so but Im not sure this morning I had it tell me there was no mail when I know there is so I will get back with you for now you can delete the registry entry and try restarting the widget. You will have to put your information back in the widget.

update: just took a look at the atom feed nothing has changed.

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K, thanks.

After an hour of messing with it when I posted that, I concluded it's something to do with GMail. Because I tried reloading the widget, tried using it in another account, tried deleting traces of it from my registry and from the directory where it unzips the widget, and still no dice.

Google needs to leave their @#$% alone, because now I have this empty space that stamp once sat nicely in, and it's driving me off a wall. (lol)

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Seems to be working now I will try to roll out a new version this weekend so that when the servers are down the widget will still load but show an alert that the servers are down. With the version you have if it does not retrieve the info from the server it will not load. That is why you are all having this problem with the widget not loading.

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