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[announcement] Multi-Plugin 2.2 works 100% with the latest version of iTunes, 6.0.2

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Well, the title says it all.

Everything works just like before, except that some skins should be slightly updated to include the new buttons in the bottom part of the window.

btw, if you didn't notice how to close the new mini-store thing, there's a button for it near the Equalizer button.

When I first got the new version I was afraid for a momant that this thing can't be removed :P


There seems to be a bug when using the Equalizer.

The Equalizer window is not responding if you try to use it.

For now, the only workaround is not to use the Equalizer window, or use it only without Multi-Plugin.

If you have the Equalizer window open and can't close it, use Alt+F4.

Another Update:

I've fixed the problem, but in this quick fix, I had to disable the skinning of the EQ window.

That's the best I could do for now.

The next version of Multi-Plugin will have this fixed, and the Equalizer window will be skinned again.

To use the fix, simply install Multi-Plugin 2.2 and then extract the contents of the attached .zip file to your iTunes installation directory, eg. C:Program FIlesiTunes.


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I've got a problem with my EQ - I uninstalled Mplugin, removed all the skins files, reinstalled (fixed my kooky titlebar problem), but if I click the EQ button, it pops up but i can't move any of the sliders, or the window. Infact I can't close the EQ window, I have to shut down iTunes to close it. Anyone else get this?

(sorry for being a pain-in-the-rear Localhost)

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I didn't notice it.

You can close the EQ window using Alt+F4.

Unfortunately, I don't have the source code for the stable version of Multi-Plugin anymore, only experimental builds of 2.3, so I can't fix it and post the update right away :/

I hope 2.3 will fix it though. it should be released in about a month.

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