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Ss Studio Pro

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I wasnt going to make more Visual Style until July because of my class and other things but I saw honz desktop and I love it, so I made this :smile:

SS Studio Pro original design by Kevin Husted (swiz)

Ported to Windows XP msstyle by KoL

Thanks a lot to honz and elpincho for the screenshot and Y/C for the beautiful Start Panel (he’s the best)


If you dont like the apple I included a WinFlag Strartbutton in the zip

Please post comments and bugs

the only bug that I found is the photoshop bug hehe


- added the green variation

- fixed movies image on shellstyle

- fixed taskbar, it was 23 pixel now 22

- move caption buttons a pix down to make it look right

- green WinFlag Start Button included

Swiz - www.swizcore.com

KoL - www.studiotwentyeight.com


Download at Deviantart: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/2192145

Download at Deskmod: http://www.deskmod.com/core.mod?show=shows...n&skin_id=35728

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This VisualStyle is so cool, I love your work, KoL. Thank you...

I extracted SSStudio.zip and applied it, but after I reboot my computer, the "apple logo" on the taskbar dissapeared, and no matter how I click on the taskbar the start menu won't come out, unless I press the Ctrl + ESC key. Therefore I have to apply SS Studio again in order to get the "apple logo" back. What should I do to fix this problem? Somebody give me a hand please. >.<

PS: I'm using StyleBuilder.

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