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FlyakiteOSX v3.5


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I've tried to compile the script, but it seem like it doesn't work on my computer..

Anyone can compile the script successfully?

MakeNSIS v2.14 - Copyright 1999-2006 Nullsoft, Inc.

Portions Copyright © 1995-1998 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler (zlib).

Portions Copyright © 1996-2002 Julian R Seward (bzip2).

Portions Copyright © 1999-2003 Igor Pavlov (lzma).

Contributors: nnop@newmail.ru, Ryan Geiss, Andras Varga, Drew Davidson, Peter Windridge, Dave Laundon, Robert Rainwater, Yaroslav Faybishenko, Jeff Doozan, Amir Szekely, Ximon Eighteen, et al.

Processing config:

Processing plugin dlls: "C:Program FilesNSISPlugins*.dll"

- TypeLib::GetLibVersion

- TypeLib::Register

- TypeLib::UnRegister


Changing directory to: "D:DownloadExample"

Processing script file: "D:DownloadExampleScript.nsi"

!define: "NAME"="v2.0 Dialogs"

!define: "PRODUCT_PUBLISHER"="Portrait of a Kite, Inc."

!include: "AssetsMain Code.nsi"

!define: "COPYRIGHT"="Copyright ?2006"

!define: "PRODUCT_NAME"="FlyakiteOSX"

!define: "INST"="$WINDIRFlyakiteOSX"

!define: "INST_RESOURCES"="$WINDIRFlyakiteOSXResources"

!define: "INST_TOOLS"="$WINDIRFlyakiteOSXTools"

CRCCheck: force

SetCompressor: /FINAL /SOLID lzma

Name: "v2.0 Dialogs"

OutFile: "v2.0 Dialogs.exe"

Caption: "v2.0 Dialogs"

BrandingText: "Copyright ?2006 Portrait of a Kite, Inc."

XPStyle: on

ChangeUI: IDD_INST AssetsDialog.exe

ShowInstDetails: show

InstallColors: windows default colors

InstallButtonText: "Apply"

Icon: "AssetsIcon.ico"

AutoCloseWindow: true

Page: custom (creator:Intro)

Page: instfiles

Var: "Parameters"

Function: ".onInit"

IfFileExists: "$WINDIRFlyakiteOSXToolsForce System File Update.exe" ? +3 :

MessageBox: 48: "You must have FlyakiteOSX v3.5 or higher installed for this mod to work."



Function: "Intro"


File: "MainPage.ini"->"$PLUGINSDIRMainPage.ini" 611 bytes

File: "ScreenShot.bmp"->"$PLUGINSDIRScreenShot.bmp" 134834 bytes

WriteINIStr: [Field 3] Text=$PLUGINSDIRScreenShot.bmp in $PLUGINSDIRMainPage.ini

Invalid command: InstallOptions::dialog

!include: error in script: "AssetsMain Code.nsi" on line 88

Error in script "D:DownloadExampleScript.nsi" on line 15 -- aborting creation process

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Hey, great work...just installed it and couldnt be happier with your work!

Simple, possibly dumb question, but i am trying to find a way to not have the apple logo and apple start-up screen come up... I looked but for some reason I think I must be looking in the wrong place to unselect this option.

Any help appreciated. Thanks,


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Well, installation went well but had to do a few tweaks, like hide the recycle bin.

I like the boot screen from ver 2.0 better, this one is kinda flaky, I might playwith the one from v3..

and I got a trojan warning about the exe file that stops wfp

Otherwise, good stuff here!!

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Hii all,

I'm realy wondering (because it's my first time installing the FlyakiteOSX) weather i'm going to have any kind of problems after uninstallation? Oh, and one more question: I have 3 accounts on my PC, so are all of them going to look like MAC OS X, after the installation of FlyakiteOSX? Thanks a lot!


Am i going to lose any data after installing/uninstalling FlyakiteOSX?

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As to the question of problems, each system is unique so there's no way to assure you that there will be no problems. You can look through the bug reports here and determine whether you feel comfortable. It has worked well for many, many people. However, some folks have had issues.

FlyajiteOSX changes the system files and there is only one set of system files, so each account will have FlyakiteOSX potential. The icons will be changed for all accounts. However, once in each account, you will need to use the Current User Settings tool (available from All Programs > FlyakiteOSX) to apply the visual style, wallpaper, sounds, etc. that you want to use in that account. Therefore, you do not need to install FlyakiteOSX for each account. You'll just need to select the available options for each account.

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As everybody else are saying: Love your work flyakite!

but a have one major issue thats quite a pain in the ass, sometime for no reson the computer frezzes and I need to pres the restart button?!

Anybody else getting this shit?

And yes another issue that´s not so annoying is that someime it takes much longer time tahn usual to start the computer, the bootscreen shows for a very long time(3 times it have frezzed tehre to!)

Plz help me flyakite :)

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