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FlyakiteOSX v3.5


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I am hoping that there is one of these Wonderful members of Aqua-Soft that has a copy of Flyakite OSX 3.5 that I could get ?? I would really appreciate it.

E-mail address is: FatAxl@gmail.com

Thanks in advance.


same here - my email is suprneb90@yahoo.com

Please note that iTunes 7 breaks this version of FOSX, since the old Mplugin FOSX includes is no longer compatible with iTunes 7. Upgrade to the latest version, found in this forum.


explain please? i dont get it - i have the latest version of itunes right now (7.1.1) but i dont have the multiplugin - will this be a problem?

and also, I have a question about FlyakiteOSX v3.5 (again about sharing computers :P) if im sharing a computer with someone, will FlyakiteOSX affect both users? or just one?

thank you.

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Man, the original site is still down.

One question... When I first downloaded Flyakite I didn't notice or remember the version. How do I know which version is installed in my computer?

IF, what I have now is 3.5, will the system be all right if I just install it on top of itself again?

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I looked at the Whois info for the site and it looks like it expired a while ago. He also won't reply to any of my email and PM messages. I wish he would come back in to the picture and update it some more.

Well, I have been watching this forum and FlyAKite for about a year now and it is about time I log in after registering about a year ago. I have not seen FlyAKite either and it is starting to make me think that he abandoned us... I have great respect for him and the community, but I am starting to think it ends at 3.5, unless someone else starts 4.0.

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Well, he's put into a pretty hard position now. He was probably working on making Flyakite OSX v4 to emulate Tiger more accurately, but with the current release of Leopard coming very soon, he has to make a decision on whether to continue with Tiger, or emulate Leopard which would probably end up taking longer since he has to start the whole project over. And I'm sure he's got tons of work, so who knows.

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Is there any way that I can install flyakite on only one user so that if I want to I can switch between the PC and Mac Interfaces?

hello knexking, just install another xp os on a separate partition or hard drive, which is what i did...btw you can also transform that newly installed xp os into vista aero lol!

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Post from Flyakite on the 08th Nov07:


You may/may not be talking about me and my website http://osx.portraitofakite.com.

The site was down for a good few months at least and I FINALLY took the time to bring it back up just a few days ago.

For anyone else that is interested no I am not dead and I do have plans to pick up the FlyakiteOSX project soon.

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