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Winamp CD Case RC 3

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CD Art Display (*) RC3 Build 37 (08 Apr 2006)

(*) That's the possible new WCC's name; so in the future we'll have CAD for Winamp, for AlbumPlayer, for iTunes... The name transition will be probably done in RC4 officially.

What's new?

- "Control Panel" instead "Skin Manager", "Options" and "About" dialog windows.

Please test this new build and give your feedback even if everything is fine. Nothing was changed. Just reunited. But bugs may appear though. Thanks!

Removed due new build.

Have fun! :D

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Make sure:

1) to copy the new build into "Winamp CD Case" folder (it won't run properly in a e.g. temp folder)

2) to NOT delete the "Case" skin folder (its files are still required in order to CAD (WCC) works properly)


::::Edited: let me know if you need the Case skin then I'll send it to you.

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@Karlitoz: Control Panel is just a way to group "Skin Manager", "Options" and "About". So they still exist but under only one window (Control Panel). That's why you still see the buttons with their names. With this new feature you'll be able to change a skin and an option setting at once. In addition, instead 3 items in the context menu (which is becaming big) you have only one.

vishtor: Thanks! :)

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CAD (WCC) RC3 Build 64 (09 Apr 2006)

- Improved toggle on top (hotkey) feature: now it toggles even when pinned to desktop

- Moved "Lock position" from "Options" to context menu (on the fly change*)

- Moved "Window level" from "Options" to context menu (on the fly change*)

- Moved "Magnetic borders" from "Options" to context menu (on the fly change*)

- Internal changes due new name

- Winamp plugin updated due new name (see Readme.txt inside the zip!)

* No need to reload the entire program

See Readme.txt inside the zip for installation tips

Removed due newer build.

Have fun! :D

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Just an idea (to wishlist, whatever): it'll be very handy if in searching window not just size of the cover will be displayer but also artist's name and album's title (I think this is not too complex as long as this info is available via the same Amazon's page from where cover is downloaded).

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If it was not modified by a virus this is just the uninstall program that is executed when you want to uninstall the program. It is created when you install the program. CAD (WCC) uses the freeware Inno Setup which is known as the one of the best and free setup application.

NOD32 does not see it as a virus.

But if you want send me your file and I'll scan it here with NOD32.

It seems just a false positive.

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