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Winamp CD Case RC 3

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CAD (WCC) RC3 Build 229 (14 Apr 2006) - See Readme.txt inside the zip!

- Control Panel redesigned (tree view added, cleaner interface)

- Hotkeys improved and more was added

- New Help file and context Help added (click "Help" link or press F1 while in Control Panel)

- Some general improvements

- Small bugs fixed

See Readme.txt inside the zip since you have to register a control prior to run this build (usually the setup does that).

Removed due new build.

Have fun! :D

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Still lovin' this program, but I do have a request.

When I search and save an album cover it saves it as the same name evertime.

Is there a way to bring up an options box to rename the file before saving.

It might be something that could be added to the options menu.

Something for you to consider.


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It'll use the same name (folder.jpg) if you've set so in "CP>Options>Read cover".

If you have a folder with lots of songs (from different artists and albums) go to "CP>Options>Read cover" and add (as the FIRST item) the "Artist - Album.jpg" method.

See Help for more details.

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Hi, Carlos, it seems like latest build freezes every time when trying to search cover on Amazon.

edit And my Firewall reports that it doesn't try to connect to the site. Just the searchbox appears, I press go and it freezes for some time, then writes "Error. Try again later".

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Hi ichik,

1) Freeze: when searching the program freezes but it's normal (it's just waiting the cover)

2) Error: probably the Amazon service was temporarily down; tested just now and it's working.

Hm, I re-installed CAD, now it works, but it seemed strange as long as my firewall reported no network activity when CAD freezed previously.

Also with these new build I can't find two options that I'm interested in: "hide the notifier permanently" and "locking position". Where are them?

edit Nope, I was wrong, it started searching, my firewall reported activity but after it freezes. Maybe I'll have to wait more... Dunno, but now I've been waiting for 5 minutes... Nothing seems to be happening.

edit2 It seems very strange after all. Either I get "Error. Try again later" either it freezes permanently (or for very long time, but I think that waiting 15 minutes is long enought for searching cover, eh? ^_^)

The settings in the firewall are set to "always trust this app". Dunno what to change.

edit3 Tried to rollback to previous versions and it didn't help, so... Just thought this may be connected with that point that I deinstalled Proxy Switcher Pro today, so maybe it's that case, I shoud restart to check it.

Right now I'm downloading some huge files so in two hours I'll be able to report if I was right.

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Download cover: I'm on a real slow network right now (some problems are being solved here) and even so I only have to wait for about 30 secs! You're probably experiencing an internet issue between your PC and Amazon.com service (not site) or something is blocking the CAD's feature.

Hide notifier: "Control Panel>Options".

Lock: "Context menu>Window level" = some of the options were moved for the right click context menu for on the fly changing.

See Help for details.

Please, make sure to use the last build.

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Yeah, I'm using the latest build. Restarted my PC, but still no hope: freezes. Tried to disable my firewall, but it doesn't help.

I wonder what has happened, because even RC3 build doesn't work now if I try installing it.

Just recently checked the connection setting of the IE (I mainly use Opera) and discovered that Proxy Switcher lest some trash there when was uninstalled. Looked at the logs of CAD and found that it tries to connect to that address too (some crap proxy) where can I find proxy settings for CAD?

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CAD (WCC) RC3 Build 299 (18 Apr 2006)


1) A full setup is ready for this build;

2) This build supports Winamp, AlbumPlayer and iTunes! (*)

(*) Once you start this build a Player Selector will be displayed, just pick your player!


Full setup (913KB): http://www.closetosoftware.com/temp/cadrc3b299.zip

Final notes:

Please test this build! Your feedback is important so we can release a stable RC4!

Finally, this build was already tested by a few users.

Have fun! :D

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its stable for me too,and by now this running correctly,yiiiiijaaaa,.....the 4th cad is here---allelluyah......heheheheh...my congrat.Carlos...

And yes,i want too a page with skins like vinyls,aura,aero,aero glossy,case,glow,noire,just cover,and many more,i think its easy for you.....(and one that its like the case skin but something different,i dont remember the name exactly)you made my pc very happy... ;) Come on designers....!!!

And i answer you,maybe a seekbar for CAD 4??heeheh ;)

//Posts Merged. Don't triple post, please, it's against the Board Rules. -NC

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