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Winamp CD Case RC 3

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Oh, damn it. I guess I discovered a new bug. With newly installer whatever I do the CAD-starter plug-in doesn't work. It isn't seen by Winamp at all, tried re-installing CAD, WInamp (with the newest version), whatever, plugin files are in the right folder, but Winamp ignores them.

This seems pretty strange as long as on my second machine everyhting worked fine.

edit Fixed it myself, just deleted all entries in registry about Col_Rjl plugin and everything went fine.

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Hey Carlos I have a question (I'm using your new RC3 B299):

When I play a cd thats in a folder with no cover-no artwork apears. That's correct. I then proceed to use Firefox and go to amazon.com myself and download and save the cover to the cd I am playing currently (in the folder of the cd). So now I want to show the artwork for the cd; I right click on CAD and click search Cover, it pops up with a search dialog for searching the internet for it. I don't want it to do that-and I have the settings in CAD CP set to read any cover. So why is it still trying to search the internet for the cover when it is in the folder of the cd I am playing. So how can I have it search locally in the folder thats currently being played?

I hope that doesn't confuse you.


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CAD (WCC) RC3 Build 345 (22 Apr 2006)

- "Cover" context menu item added (Search, Browse Amazon, Browse Google, View, Open folder, Save As..., Delete, Reload)

- System tray will detect an Explorer crash

- Help file updated

- Winamp plugin improved (*)

- Minor improvements

(*) Note: the zip file has a folder named "plugin"; this folder is created when you install CAD; you can copy this folder into CAD main folder replacing the old one; inside the "plugin" folder: you have the plugin dlls plus a small application to uninstall your old CAD/WCC plugin and install the new version.

Download: http://www.closetosoftware.com/temp/cadrc3b345.zip


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From the Help file: :)

A CD Art Display skin is composed by the following files:

1) case.png - if it is missing CD Art Display will consider that you only want to show the cover without any case;

2) nocover.png - is the default image shown for a song without a cover; if it is missing CD Art Display will use the "Case" skin image;

3) searching.png - this image is shown when you a search a cover; if it is missing CD Art Display will use the "Case" skin image;

4) webradio.png - it is shown when you're listen to a web radio; if it is missing CD Art Display will use the "Case" skin image;

5) video.png - it is show when a vide is being played and there isn't a cover for it; if it is missing CD Art Display will use the "Case" skin image;

6) icon.ico - is the default icon shown in the system tray (16x16 hig resolution support); if it is missing CD Art Display will use the "Case" skin icon;

7) preview.png or preview.jpg - is the preview of your skin that is shown in Skin Manager; if it's missing the case.png will be shown instead;

8) Ratings - the ratings image are stored in a subfolder named "Ratings"; they have to be a 124x24 image.

To create a skin:

1- Create a new empty subfolder in Winamp CD Case's "Skins" folder;

2- Copy your custom files into it;

3- Now start CD Art Display, go to Control Panel, then Skin Manager; select your skin and configure it; press Apply to see the results without exiting the Control Panel. At this point the "skin.ini" was already created (check you skin folder).

4- Don't forget to fill the "Skin's author"

Have fun! :D

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