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Winamp CD Case RC 3

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@Carlos: In the skin manager; where you have the "author" and "contact", you should make the contact linkable.

I always forget to add that! :)

By the way, you've updated your skin! Great! But, the preview is from your previous version.

A Skin page is under construction right now!

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Hi all.. :)

I had 1 month without internet, and I didn´t test and view the new releases...

Various things:

- First of all, thx Carlos, for all your work. Simply, magnific.. :D

- About the new control panel, very very great!! All are very clear and more simple. Its fantastic.

- About the new skins. All are wonderfull!! I dont know what use!!

Any things about the funcionality of the new "CAD".. haha

- When I close the player, CAD maintains all data about the last song. Would be great "clear" all the data and make a image to indicate that the player its closed..

- And, about the search, any "rare" in one search...


And a search with the same keywords in the music section of amazon: Elektra: The Album

And, the last, with doble click in the cover, with foobar, dont load the main window of foobar, only load a blank window..

Nothing more, thanks again for all your work.. ;)

See ya.

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Hi Carlospr,

It's been awhile since I've tried out your ever evolving app. I must say you are the most dedicated developer around in recent times. Thank you, truly :)

I have not had the chance to try out your most recent release but I will, soon, with iTunes. I had a feature request if it is not already implemented:

1) Can you click'n drag a cover's image off CAD's case cover and directly into iTune's Cover Image area to embed the image directly into the song? That would provide a nice feature for updating the embedded album art :)

2) Could a tooltip over the search result's album covers indicate image pixel resolution? This way, one could more accurately choose between multiple returns of the same album cover for the best images. EDIT: I just peeked at the screenshot above and noticed that you already represent the resolution in the search results window :P

Thanks in advance, and if these features are already there, i'll kick myself for not trying out CAD earlier.

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@ firecracker6

Nice to hear from you again! :D

1) if CAD finds a local folder (e.g. folder.jpg or a custom pattern) it will apply in iTunes database automatically; you can also drag an image and drop over CAD in order to apply in iTunes too. So if CAD is showing a cover it means that CAD has already applied the cover in iTunes too.

2) :)

In resume, CAD has a full integration with iTunes including rating and volume (mouse wheel).

CAD RC4 is almost ready!

New CloseToSoftware home page is online: http://www.closetosoftware.com

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Hi, I have been using CAD with iTunes for a couple weeks now and it is really a terrific piece of software. I have noticed a couple of minor bugs though:

1 )I have "download cover automatically" checked and "prompt before download" unchecked. This seems to me like the ideal setting as it means I can leave CAD on and it will automatically grab the art for me.

The bug is that If i switch from one album to another by the same artist CAD will apply the art from the first album to the second album.

2) If I Restore iTunes form the taskbar notification area using CAD (either the notification icon or the player itself) i can not minimize it anymore. I am using the iTunes Multi-Plugin: http://www.osx-e.com/downloads/skins/multi_plugin.html so I am not sure if this has any effect).

3) This is not so much a bug but a feature request: it would be nice if CAD could apply the art for an album to all tracks of that album at once (this is the behaviour of the Yahoo Widget iTunes companion : http://www.widgetgallery.com/view.php?widget=33155). This way, when I rip a cd I can just start playing the first track and all the tracks on the album will have their artwork filled.

Thanks for all the great work!

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@ Randolf

1. Search: it's an issue that I can't do nothing about it; Amazon for some reason returs the wrong result.

2. foobar2000: what version are you using? This feature was improved for the 0.9x version.

1 - Well, no problem. Drag and drop works perfectly!!

2 - I´m using te latest version of foobar2000, version 0.9.1

There are any way to launch the CAD automatically with foobar, same that winamp??

Thx again.. :)

See ya.

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Hi Carlospr,

it's a pleasure to chat with you again :)

I'm definitely going to start testing CAD out when I get back to my PC... did I understand you correctly that CAD can automatically embed album art into the mp3 file via iTunes? This is quite nice!

I do have a question regarding the auto album art adding behaviour though (this question assumes that the user can define the order in which CAD displays album art if multiple formats exist such as, embedded art, folder.jpg, front.jpg, artist_name.jpg, etc.) So, my question: What happens in the scenario where a song ( "Saul Williams - List of Demands.mp3" ) already has embedded album art, but also has a "folder.jpg" image contained in the album folder, as well as the file "Saul Williams - List of Demands.jpg" album art. When the track advances to the above song, does CAD:

1) automatically ADD the folder.jpg/Saul Williams - List of Demands.jpg album art as embedded album art? (Now 2/3 images are embedded into the mp3 file.)

2) Or does CAD OVERWRITE the existing embedded album art? (So only 1 image is embedded.)

3) Or is this behavior configurable?

Last question:

If CAD checks to see if album art is present, and if present, does not write to the mp3 file, then is there a graceful way of "forcing an add/overwrite of the embedded album art. For instance, I find that the album art currently embedded in the mp3 file and displayed in iTunes is incorrect or poor quality. And I do a search through CAD and find the perfect match. Could I right click on the desired replacement and choose from:

1) ADD to mp3's current album art.

2) OVERWRITE mp3's current album art.

OK, these will be my last preemptive questions. I will save my questioning for after I have a chance to test the current build out for myself.

Thank you for the time in answering these questions. Please feel free to keep the responses short. I am really quite excited for the universal direction you have taken the program. You rock Carlospr!

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