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Mac Osx 10.2.6 For Objectbar Released...


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Well gang, I have finally finished it... my Mac OSX 10.2.6 update!

I didn't get a chance to post screenshots, I think it speaks for itself, that and I just wanted to get this up.

Anyway here is a list of updates...


- Another Font Correction, updated to a new font "Mac Lucinda Grand" that I ported directly over from the mac. New method of getting an exact match between Fonts and images that use fonts are now 99.999 correct.

- Another complete rehaul on the skins, direct porting of skin images from the mac, not from a screenshot sources, so all images are truely 1:1.

- Added New skins! Cappuccino, Classic, Milk, Pearl, QuickSilver, Rhapsody + 3 additional variations, Smoothstripes, SS Studio Pro, and Susumi,

brings the grand total of skins to 28.(that should keep anyone happy :P)

- Abandoned using .ico for the systray icons, reason, I wanted the white selected mode as on the mac, but also wanted the grey mouseover, along with the normal icon. In Objectbar, its setting for using .ico only allows for 2 states, not 3, so went the tga route, which allows for 3 states.

- Added Flags! 34 countries, UN flag, and the Olympic flag, 36 flags total. They are contained within an icon library.

- Now using the the proper method for changing skins, using the Theme Browser.

- Added new Systray icons, Konfabulator (controls Desktop X), iSync, PCMCIA card, Winamp. Took away Transmit and Windows

icons (Transmit is part of Bluetooth, and doesn't sit on its own, The Windows icon was just lame)

- Speaking of the Winamp systray icon, this is setup to use winamp 2.x, will not work with 3.x, If you could find me a program that does cmd line commands for

winamp 3.x, WMP9, QCD3, or Musicmatch8, please tell me. So I can add menu functionality for those programs.

- More changes to directory structure, renamed the root directory, so future updates actually update and not create a new theme folder. (stardock recommendation).

- Added a History file, Actually now keeping a log of changes.

- Added a License file, cause I am sick of people ripping off my work, not coming to me with what they want so I could add it, or help with technical issues.

- Added a Readme file, For those more non obvious configuration issues. (I highly recommend you read this).

Download Here

Well thats it till text time...

Which will be my white on black skins, ie: skins like Tibook beta, Shinobi, and DSX.

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Wheres the ss! The ss must be present! Dah I might as well d/l it. :)

May as well edit eh. Okay check this out. My computer says the "Mac Lucida Grande" font is already installed cuz the font looks pretty crude right now, but its not installed. Theres not even a font named that my my fonts folder. And look at this attached image, the bmps or targas used (if they are used) are real shifty and not vewy purty. Ayuda!!!

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You may have another font installed that has the same internal name, but a different file name. The internal name of the font can also cause the error, saying that this font is already installed.

Also do you have OB set to use shadows?

Its under File\General Options\Troubleshooting Options tab. In the theme Editor.

Uncheck box that says disable all 'shadow' effects.

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Slight bug found... Pointed out by Shak.

In the Cappaccino theme when you click on what is supposed to be the apple logo (looks like 3 C's inside each other). It changes to a white apple when selected, It shouldn't do that, it actually shouldn't change other than the outside color.

To fix it, just right click the apple logo section, and where it has the listing of tga's used for that section, select Apple Normal.tga for the "Selected" field, instead of Apple Selected.tga.

I'll upload a fixed version later.

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Originally posted by DarkVageta@Jun 23 2003, 06:55 PM

agian the  pearl is way to dark  so is the cappchino

Thx for the effort but ill stick to Peteross themes

As I said over at AquaXP...

The images were taken directly from the resource files of the themes themselves on the mac, no image manipulation was done, other than converting from tiff to tga, and this does not affect image brightness or color, there is 0 loss. So all the images are 100% correct.

If you are using it with a WB or VS theme, its most likely they are incorrect, cause the colors for them were either eyeballed, or taken from screenshots (most likely jpg), which would degrade the color, even when using the color eyedropper from photoshop.

I am not changing them to match WB or VS themes, they are correct as they appear on the mac, its the the WB and VS themes that are incorrect.

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Ok uploaded the OB with the cappaccino apple logo fix, mentioned earlier.

BTW here are some reference shots...



If they don't match with this...

1) Re-download it.

2) Read the Readme.txt

3) Install the font located in the themes' extra's folder.

4) Make sure shadows are not disabled in Objectbar's troubleshooting section.

5) Make sure you are running Objectbar v1.60

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How do I use the font in the extras folder? is there a way to assign it to the bar from the bar options?

When I try to put it in ther fonts folder under windows, it says that font is already there.



I noticed the blue apple is small and chopped off on both sides slightly. I had to switch back to your old 10.2.4 bar... the fonts work for me and the apple is full and bigger. Anyway to fix this so I can use the 10.2.6?

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