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[request] iChat Thought Bubbles?

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is there a way (any) to get them thoguht bubbles in Trillian PRO?

like could someone wright a plugin?

the colors of the bubbles don't have to be customizable just red for you (the user) and blue for the person your talking to... but customiing is good!

:cry: :cry:

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Update so far: interface is coming together and i got it working with my own host server for the chat but i need more info on how to communicate with aim network or otherwise its just a pretty interface to talk to only people running this prog. I now see why nothing like this has been done before, communicating with aim is a pain :( atm its done as an mfc app in vc++, but i may change over to some good 'ol c#. If any of the other programmers are interested in helping out with this some so more features can be added and get this out quicker then contact me.

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