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CD Art Display RC4 (formerly Winamp CD Case)

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CD Art Display Build 974 (22Sep06)

- Lyrics (*)

- Small bugs fixed

(*) Thanks to Flavio González Vázquez search engine from LYRDB.com CAD has a simple search lyrics feature:

1) Settings:

"Control Panel>Download" = here you can set the lyrics folder

"Control Panel>Options" = you can set "Lyrics" to the case double click

2) Access:

Right click case/cover or tray and select "Lyrics"

If you let the Lyrics window open CAD will keep searching and saving the lyrics

3) More: you can edit the lyrics (click "Save" once done); if lyrics is not found you then you can click the status label to browse Google for lyrics (then you can copy/paste and click "Save" once done); click "Details" to change what CAD is searching or select another Result.

Not all players have lyrics plugins. This is just an alternative for those like me that'd like to have an easy way to search or even to just read a local lyrics.



Have fun! :)

More about LYRDB: http://www.lyrdb.com/


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I just did a new clean install on my laptop and installed first the RC4 from your website.

Then, after that i installed the latest build from this thread (Build 1065).

Then i wanted first to go into the control panel, but when i click in the context-menu on "Control Panel" nothing happens.

I uninstalled CAD and deleted everything, reinstalled RC4 and found out, that the last working build where the option "Control Panel" in the context-menu works is the Build 768 !!

So i can only use the 768 build if i want to access the control panel.

With the newest build the control panel doesn't work.

Anyway, thank you so much for this great app and i am looking forward to also use that cool lyrics feature with the latest build! ;-)



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