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CD Art Display RC4 (formerly Winamp CD Case)

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no, no.. thank you! I'm in constant admiration over your dedication :)

I have something to add to the edit:

After 'b' was updated with 'a's album art in iTunes, I corrected the situation by going into the song's 'get info' via iTunes. There I deleted the wrong album art and took the folder.jpg in 'b's folder and embedded/fixed the album art by dragging it into iTunes's "Drag Album Artwork here" window. Then, went on to 'c' as per the above sequence. When 'c' got overwritten by 'a's artwork as described above, i proceeded to fix the problem as described in this post and using CAD downloaded and embedded the correct artwork for 'c'.

This is the new info: after my previous edit's 'c' issue... i went back to 'b' via iTune's Back button. When I got back to 'b,' i saw the correct album art in iTunes for a brief moment before CAD overwrote it with 'c's artwork. I hope this helps.

At this stage, I exited CAD to keep from automatically updating my mp3's erroneously.

@ ALL, Let me add here that 95% of the time, CAD gets it right. I am just excercising the app through the motions ;)

EDIT: @ Carlospr.. do you think having ' [ ] ' type characters in the directory path may have something to do with it? 'b' for instance does not have those characters in its path, but some others do. And sometimes I notice that when I perform a search, only this (without the ''): ' ' appears in the search text field.

EDIT2: With iTunes running all this time, just going through my library randomly, I decided to open up CAD again. Upon startup, in the middle of song 'd' CAD embeds album art from 'c' and appears in iTunes, however, CAD only shows an empty CD Cover. The Text is correct though for CAD.

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Thank you Carlospr.. Since I've been using build 22, the problem has not surfaced. I have loaded & unloaded iTunes a couple of times and have updated/downloaded 12 ~ 13 covers and advanced, backed tracks and there has not been an issue as before :)

One thing i did notice though, is that say I am in folder "album" listening to track "album-track2" within that folder and I download and apply an album cover via CAD. I would then save the album cover as "folder.jpg" and place it in folder "album"

In the past, I could go to the next track 'album-track3' in the same folder 'album' by clicking '>>' in iTunes and CAD would update the album art. I could repeat this and I could update the entire album. kinda slow, but nice none-the-less.

But I have discovered that this no longer happens with build 22... CAD just shows an empty case image upon advancing through each next song.

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@ firecracker6

I have removed this feature since it was causing the bug you've reported. I'll see waht I can do.

However, have you checked "Save as folder.jpg in song's folder too" option ("Control Panel>Download")?

Maybe it'll help you tag your files too. Of course it'll be useful if you have a folder for each CD.

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The "Start when player starts" works only for Winamp.

All interface between CAD and foobar2000 is made by foo_winamp_emulator. This plugin should have an option to start CAD or any other program.

However, you can make CAD starts foobar2000 but I know is not waht you'd like.

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the plugin doesn't do anything. it just displays all the info and lets me use CD Art Display's playback controls. i can't even configure it at the config page. but yeah that's pretty much what i've been doing(opening CD Art Display which opens foobar2000).

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Hi Carlospr...

I have tested out build 35 and there are some oddities... at first, CAD will not display covers in folders (albums) with folder.jpg in them. CAD is an empty CD case, and iTunes shows no album art. This occurs for acouple of tracks. I then attempt a search but exit out of the search window without hitting 'search' (because it was an obscure album and I did not think CAD would find it.) At this stage, CAD is stuck with the 'search' image but loads the 'folder.jpg' image and embeds/shows it in iTunes. But CAD seems stuck on the 'search' image in the cover. After advancing through another song... it does now pick up on the folder.jpg and embeds it in iTunes and shows it in CAD properly. But I advance to the next song (in a folder without a folder.jpg but WITH other images such as CD.jpg.) CAD however, continues to display the album art from the previous song.

Edit: After playing around with it a bit.. CAD has started to update the next song (in the same folder as the previous song) with the folder.jpg file automatically embedding in iTunes when advancing songs *yay* but CAD itself is not showing the album art but instead just shows a blank cover. I hope this helps. :)

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@ firecracker6

Ok. Your feedback is great.

I've decided to rewrote the entire procedure.

In my tests all went fine.

However, if you find an issue check you iTunes song first. CAD will always get the first cover. If a song has more than one art maybe iTunes shows one and CAD another.

Removed due new build.

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Carlopsr, you rock!!

This rewrite is wonderful... iTunes is now much more responsive; it even seems to reduce the stutter experienced when embedding the album art. I will test this out on another machine but so far all my tests have yielded consistent results. I am very happy :)

EDIT: Tested with success:

~ Downloading and applying covers

~ Using the back/forward buttons on songs with/without embedded album art & with folders containing folder.jpg and without folder.jpg

~ adding a folder.jpg to a folder during songplay and selecting refresh in CAD.

~ Dragging Album art directly onto CAD during song play.

~ Dragging Album art directly onto iTues during song play, then selecting refresh in CAD.

~ Switching between playlists while tracks are running

All of the above tests were conducted multiple times in random sequences etc.

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I just discovered a glitch with build63..

1) I have my iPod plugged in.

2) I navigate to my "Library" (not iPod) and play music on random

3) iTunes starts playing a song in one folder of mixed songs, there is a folder.jpg (A.jpg) which is correct for 1 of the songs but incorrect for the other 25. This time it is incorrect and so, it writes an incorrect album cover to the current song (B.)

4) I search for a correct album cover, find it, and apply the correct cover to the current song (B.)

5) I then switch to my iPod's playlist and double click a song to start playing randomly for the iPod's list.

6) The first song already has album art and displays correctly.

7) The next random song does not have any album art, but all of a sudden (A.jpg) reappears in CAD and after a moment, embeds itself in the song. odd.

8) After that, CAD simply continues to display (A.jpg) regardless if the iPod playlist plays a song with album art or no album art.

Oh, wait, i might have attempted a search via CAD right after switching over to my iPod Playlist which I cancelled out of by hitting the "X" button on the top... actually, that's it! I just double clicked on the cover (to initiate a search,) at this time, CAD fades into the 'search' image, then I immediate close the search text field box by clicking hte "X" on the upper right of the window. At this time, the cover art (A.jpg) fades back in, and the mp3 gets the (A.jpg) embedded with the incorrect (A.jpg) Album art. I can advance to the next song, do this same thing and have it repeat each time. EDIT: advance to a song which does not have any album art embedded, then do a search, and cancel out of the search with the "X" button. This seems to do the trick.

I hope this is reproducible.



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If you have checked "Show cover for video files" ("Control Panel>Read Cover") then CAD will consider video files like song files in order to show an available cover. But I can review this procedure to show the video.png even if that option is checked.

In addition, what the extension of your video file? I'm sure CAD is not set to recognize all video file types out there...


The problem is that if you have a folder with different artists and albums CAD will not know about it and it'll always think it's just a folder with only one CD. So if a song comes from this folder CAD will apply the folder.jpg for all of them.

If you want to add cover for those songs remove the folder.jpg from that folder and uncheck the option "Save as folder.jpg in song's folder too" ("Control Panel>Download").


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Carlospr... I'm sorry I did not make it clear... I do not consider the folder.jpg an issue at all. ;) The description of the folder.jpg applying to other songs in the same directory is just the intro to the problem. That description was just included to set the stage for the actual problem.

Please read my post a little futher along. I have come to reproduce the problem over and over again.

Please note that at Step #5) I am already out of the folder with mixed songs and now am in my iPod Playlist. The problem occures after step 5.

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So you're playing in iTunes a song form your iPod, right?

I don't have an iPod so I can't make tests to know which path iTunes pass to CAD in this situation.

I've made a special build. If you double click the case/cover area the current song's path will be shown. Can you tell me what is the path? NOTE: The source ID is not relevant.


In addition, this build adds support for fast foward (left click) and rewind (right click) to the progress bar. Click and hold to keep the action (like in iTunes). The build 123 also supports iTunes Radio.

Thank you! :)

/////Edited: Build 123.

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If you have checked "Show cover for video files" ("Control Panel>Read Cover") then CAD will consider video files like song files in order to show an available cover. But I can review this procedure to show the video.png even if that option is checked.

In addition, what the extension of your video file? I'm sure CAD is not set to recognize all video file types out there...

Hi Carlos,

Build 90 seems to have fixed it....

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Carlospr... thank you for this test build.. I will try this build out when I return home and can connect my iPod. To Clarify...

Besides the bug which I have reported, which I do not know for sure if it really has something to do with the iPod/CAD interaction, as the bug occures with iTune's local library play as well. Besides this bug, the iPod CAD interaction thus far seems to be no different that the interaction between iTunes and CAD.. this is good news... I will investigate futher without the iPod and report back here, either editing this post or appending a new.

EDIT: Just finished some testing... so far, on this machine, I could not reproduce the problem I was experiencing. However, I do not have the iPod hooked up and it is not the system which revealed the issue in the first place. But this might be good news due to the new build. I will test the new build out when I return home and have my iPod.

NEW: I am having problems with the progress bar however, left click and hold seems to work, but it is really difficult getting the mouse to 'catch' hold of the progressbar. And right click and hold does not seem to rewind at all.. the song simple keeps playing without change.

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