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ObjectDock Tray


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The main difference is that the Tray from OD is only included in the plus-version.

Other differnces are that in my docklet all tray-icons are in one OD-icon, and in the Docklet you can not only change static icons but also customize animated icon (for instance the networktraffic icon). In OD Plus you can also customize such icons but then the icon is not animated any more.

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wow, thanks! the reason i use it over OD's system tray option is: not only because their system tray emulation is bulky but also because when you have that option selected, (to my knowledge) one can't utilize the minimizing windows to the dock as well. so now i can have both :)

p.s. i registered here so i could say this. once again, ty

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I recently downloaded and installed this docklet (v2.10) with ObjectDock (v1.90 Build 536), and it is very nice indeed. However, I'm running into several problems/concerns (running Dell Latitude D420 w/XPSP3):

1. Somehow 42 seconds is the magic number with this docklet. If I try to quit ObjectDock, it takes 42 seconds before that happens with this docklet running. If I click on the "Configure Dock" docklet to open the ObjectDock Properties page, after I am finished and I close it, it takes 42 seconds before the Properties page closes. Without the Tray docklet installed, both of these happen within seconds.

2. With this docklet running, the consistent CPU usage for ObjectDock is on average 6%. Seems like a lot for a tiny docklet (without it ObjectDock usually shows 0-1% CPU).

3. If I try to shut down Windoze, I get the message window entitled "End Program ObjectDock.exe" and the message "Ending program, please wait...". This is followed by "This program is not responding" and the buttons "End Now" and "Cancel". Sometimes if I continue to wait it will eventually close, other times I have to do "End Now". This results in a message the next time ObjectDock starts which says "ObjectDock has recovered settings from previous to a recent crash while saving, some of your most recent changes might not have been saved".

None of these are show stoppers, but the extremely long wait time for closing the ObjectDock Properties page and to quit are fairly annoying. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?


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