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Post Your Workstation

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Um yeah.... I was trying to clean up the original threads to merge them and accidentally deleted them. :confused:

In that case, I present you the official post your workstation thread. Post pictures of your computer setup(s) here.


Limit all pictures to 640x480, rotated in any direction.

Post pictures of rooms with computers only.

Don't post desktops; we have another thread for that.

Don't take this thread too seriously.

This is a casual thread, so please ask questions and make comments. Overall, just have fun drooling at tech porn.

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This is a seperate post to deliniate it from the first, official post thingie.

Stuff in pictures:

MacBook 2.0GHz 1GB RAM

MacBook Pro 17in 2.16GHz 1GB RAM

G-Drive 250GB FW800 Stealth

iPod nano 4GB

Soundsticks II

Razer Pro|Solutions v1.6

EPSON Stylus Photo R2400

Brother HL-2040

Dave (laptop desk from IKEA)

Jagga (wall organizer from IKEA)

Herman Miller Aeron Chair





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Crappy and kinda old picture, but this is pretty much my setup.

iMac G5 1.8ghz w/ 1GB RAM

MacBook 2.0ghz w/ 2GB RAM


I would take a new picture but too lazy to find my camera and hook it up. I have the same laptop desk as gnomexp, also with a Macbook on it. heh.

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