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Multi-Plugin 2.5 for iTunes 7

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hi all i am a new poster and looking for help, when i try to install multi plug in i get a message saying "i tunes not installed" it is installed! tryed when itunes open and closed but no joy. it sends me to itunes update but my version is for sure the current one. am i doing something wrong or have i just got a computer glitch.


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Does anyone know of a good crossfader that works with itunes and multi-plugin? If I use crossfader for foobar it just doesn't seem to work and if I use iTunes crossfader it doesn't crossfade, just cuts the song off at the end. Any help is appreciated, thanks :)

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Um guys he'll probably get back to you once hes done. It's not his job to tell you how he's doing and he doesn't have to rush his development for us. He's not getting paid for his work (directly) so hes doing all of us a huge favour, the least we can do for him is have some patience. Just sit tight guys and gals and stop wasting time with is-it-done-yet?-posts he'll make an update in he's own time :P

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