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[release] Isongs 3.1 Public Beta

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I right-click on the song in the playlist

You found the delete feature :D

When it reaches the last song in the playlist, if I press the next button, the app closes. I don't get any error messages, so I'm not sure if it's a bug or if it's supposed to do that

Good bug spotting, didnt think of that :smartass:

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Thanks Alim for this wonderful release (Y)

A couple of suggestions

1. Striped Background (Dont know the feasibility on this one)

2. Ive noticed the visualization only moves when i move my mouse over it while playing a song, wonder if u can get it to work smoothly

3. Add crossfading type option like in QCD Player

4. Still having trouble selection a directory of songs like i want to be able to just select A single folder with many folders in folders below, like a tree structure.

5. (Mentioned Earlier) when reaching the end of the playlist and the program finishes the last track it closes

(For the future) Maybe make it compatible with winamp and qcd plugins

(For the future) Maybe Create a list of shoutcast or any other webradio services like the radio option found in real 1 player (like a radio section)

Anyways awesome work alim, gotta hand it to ya this it turning out to be great ;)

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Ok, here's a few thoughts on the program:

*I love the skin. The interface is beautiful and it runs pretty smooth.

*The sound quality is good. Sterio sounds great.

*I do get the screen flicker thing, very annoying, but somewhat liveable. Especially if the program is running in the background.

*The ability to drag folders into the playlist window would help. Also when using the add directory feature, the ability to add the directories within a directory all at once would save alot of time.

*I'm not a big fan of visualizations, so that's not an issue with me.

*Alt mouseover text over the buttons would be helpful. I was kinda afraid to click some because I wasn't sure what they would do.

*I love the playlist layout. It's very helpful to see the artist and song title without haveing to streach your program so it looks disproportional (IE, winamp).

*A crossfader would be very nice as well.

All in all, I'm diggin it and I very much look forward to the next release.

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i don't think this was mentioned yet since you put this most recent update out yet, here's a few things i ran into:

*cpu use (OK i lied, so this was mentioned already)... this probably is related to why it also takes a while (about 30 secs) to load a directory of songs (about 330)

*the buttons for shuffle & repeat don't stay lit when pressed, don't know if they're on or off

*when i hit the button to go on full visuals mode, and then back to the playlist, all of the songs were gone from the list. had to reload my music directory.

but, it's a beta and this is why we have them... to get feedback to correct and get as close to perfection as possible. btw, also looking forward to your dvd program. looks good...

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dont think anyone's mentioned this yet but something fishy is going on. it take 100% cpu but when i click on the tile bar to move it, the cpu usage drops all the way back down to 2-5% cpu even if it is playing something. some possible causes, the playlist with the constant flickering, the progress bar, or/and the visualization. i noticed that these three things are disabled when i move isongs so it seems they might be the root of the cpu problem.

great job so far. a cpu fix would make it useable. (Y) more functionality would make it totally awsome :rule:

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