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For that one:

1. Right-click, Select Configure

2. In the Meters Tab, from the drop-down list select PDHMeter Class

3. Then to the right select 'Up Wifi'

4. Click the Configure button and in the new window click Configure again

5. In the 'Performance Object' drop-down box, select Network Interface

6. First to the right select your network adaptar, then to the left select 'Bytes Sent/sec'

7. Click OK, then OK again.

8. Now select 'Down Wifi' and repeat the steps above but select 'Bytes Recived/sec' and click OK three times to close and save settings.

You can do the same for your LAN by choosing that adaptor for the other one.

I use this one (it doesn't come with the weather config, like in the pic):


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